That eJuice is Starting to Evaporate…Why?

Have you ever left your e-liquid in a tank for a long period of time, only to find that half of it is gone by the time you’re ready to vape again?  As you know, e-liquid is, well, a liquid, which means that it’s prone to evaporating.  It’s a bit inevitable that your juice will evaporate in a tank due to the laws of physics.  Luckily, there are still some ways that you can prevent that from happening to the point that you’re wasting a good amount of liquid.

Can E-Juice Evaporate While Sitting in My Vape Tank?
Yes, your e-liquid can evaporate while it sits in your tank.  Evaporation occurs as oxygen enters a liquid.  Evaporation tends to be gradual, making it hard to detect what’s happening until it’s too late.  And, because your tank has airflow holes, more oxygen will enter your tank than, say, a closed bottle of vape juice.

Why is My E-Liquid Evaporating in My Tank So Quickly?
There are a couple of factors that can increase the rate at which your e-liquid evaporates while sitting in your tank.  One is light exposure.  Light breaks down the molecular structure of your liquid, meaning that those molecules evaporate much more quickly.  Similarly, exposure to high heat causes evaporation to speed up because of the way in which heat turns liquid into gas at such a quick rate.

Prevention Tips
Now that you know how it could happen, here’s how to possibly prevent it:

Tip #1: Keep Your Vape Tank Away from Heat and Light
The first thing that you should do is ensure that your vape tank isn’t in a place that’s hot or extremely bright.  It’s best to store your vape tank in a cool and dark place like a closet or drawer when not in use.  And, never leave the tank outside when you’re not using it, especially during the summer.

Tip #2: Finish What’s in Your Tank Before Switching It Out
Maybe you’re the type of vaper who likes to use a variety of tanks during any given week.  But, before you go and grab another tank, make sure that you finish what’s in the first one.  Otherwise, you’re just letting e-liquid sit in there for a long period of time, making it extremely likely to evaporate before you get a chance to come back and enjoy it.

Tip #3: Pour Your E-Liquid Back into Its Bottle
Of course, the best thing that you can do is pour the remaining e-liquid in your tank back into its original bottle.  When the juice is in your tank, it’s more likely to evaporate because of the airflow slots.  However, your bottle’s cap creates a nice seal that prevents oxygen from seeping in.

Bottom Line…Don’t let Your E-Liquid Evaporate!
This guide will help you avoid losing lots of eJuice due to evaporation.  This way, you won’t have to run out and buy a whole new bottle because you were careless with how you stored your vape juice.  After all, who wants to waste money?