How long do vape coils usually last?

One good thing about open-system vaping hardware is rooted in the fact that it allows you to reuse your pod or tank and coil as many times as possible. This gives you a chance to save more money while making each vaping session an experience to remember. In a closed system, the pods are discarded once they are empty. Even though an open system gives a chance to reuse your coils, it is important to note that these coils can wear out, thus requiring a replacement.
Most vape users are always caught between two lines; how do I know that it’s time to replace my coils and what categories of coils can be reused? In this article, we’ll try to give the best explanation for these questions. To provide the best answer, let’s focus on two things; disposables and traditional clearomizers that have replaceable coils.

Refillable disposables
These include the tanks or pods with built-in coils that can be refilled but not rebuilt. With these vapes, you can choose the strength of your nicotine and e-liquid and are able to refill the pod once it is empty.
The refillable pods are designed to be used 5-6 times before being discarded. The speed at which these pods are worn out is determined by the usage and products being vaped. The type of e-liquid used in vaping also goes a long way in determining how soon you need to change the coils. Thick, heavily-sweetened bakery and dessert flavors can gunk up the coil, thus producing an off taste after refills. Changing between flavors may also increase the rate at which your pods wear out.

Replacement coils
Modern clearomizers often come well equipped with a tank that has a removable atomizer element known as the coil or replacement coils. These coils provide one of the affordable and best environmentally-friendly ways to vape. This is because they produce the least concentration of waste after vaping. Replacement coils can be damaged by switching between flavors or mixing flavors. The only advantage of using these replaceable coils is that you can use a different coil for each flavor to increase their lifespan and reduce the chances of dealing with bad tastes. If you are trying to change flavors as you vape, it is important that you clean the vape tank, as discussed in our previous article, before installing the new coil.

The coil lifespan is determined by the type of coil and your vaping habits. Combining different flavors can destroy your replaceable coils and refillable coils. At the time of writing this article, it is quite difficult to say how long a coil will last, as this is strictly determined by the vaping habits of the user.
Let us know if you have questions about vapes coils and how to use them effectively. We will love to hear from you soon.