Sub-Ohm Coil Longevity

One of the greatest expenses when it comes to sub-ohm vaping is the coils.  As you know, with this style of vaping, those coils are put through the ringer.  They must reach a certain temperature in order to turn that e-liquid into thick and tasty vapor, and the high output levels of the devices with which they are compatible demand a lot in terms of a coil’s performance.  Still, high-quality coils are designed to withstand this intense amount of power.
So, how long should you go through a single sub-ohm coil?  After all, there are plenty of ways in which you can decrease each coil’s longevity, and, as you know, that will end up costing you a decent amount of money in the long run.  As you’ll see, there are quite a few factors that determine how long your coils should last.

How Long Your Sub-Ohm Coils Last Depends on a Variety of Factors
Here’s the thing – for the average sub-ohm vaper, a sub-ohm coil will last somewhere between ten and fourteen days before it must be switched out.  You’ll know your coil is done when the flavor and clouds start to disappoint, and when the coil seems to flood because the wick can no longer hold vape juice.
But, there are a few things that can cause your coil to last for a shorter period of time than what is normal.

How Well You Prime Your Coils
How well you prime each coil has a lot to do with how long it will last.  Priming is an essential process that, sadly, many vapers overlook.  Priming a coil properly involves saturating the exposed cotton parts in e-liquid and allowing the coil to sit for ten or so minutes before using it.
Why is this process so important?  Well, the cotton wick that’s inside a sub-ohm coil is very large and thick.  This means that it must be completely saturated with e-liquid before it can be used.  If it’s not saturated completely, applying heat to the coil will cause the wick to burn, which can shorten the coil’s lifespan significantly.

The Quality of Your Coils
Another thing to take into consideration is the quality of your coils.  In an effort to save money, many vapers opt for low-quality or bootleg coils that are constructed from inferior materials like cheap cotton and weak metals.  Inevitably, these coils will not last for very long.

The Quality of Your E-Liquid
The quality of your e-liquid plays a role as well.  Low-quality vape juices contain cheap sweeteners that can “gunk” up your coil, causing a layer of sticky film to cover it, meaning that it will quickly lose its ability to do its job.

The Settings of Your Device
As you may know, each resistance level is compatible with a very specific wattage range.  One of the fastest ways to ruin a coil is to vape it at the wrong wattage level.  If it’s too low, the coil can flood, and if it’s too high, the coil can burn out.

How Often You Vape
Lastly, how often you vape has a lot to do with how quickly you’ll go through coils.  If you’re a light vaper, your coils can last for several weeks at a time.  If you’re a very heavy vaper, you might go through a new coil once a week or less.

Keep Those Sub-Ohm Sessions Going Longer
Sub-ohm coils typically last for up to two weeks, but there are plenty of things that can shorten their longevity.  Use this guide to make sure that you’re doing everything right when it comes to caring for your coils.