Mouthpieces Used for Pod Mod and Box Mod Systems

We all pay careful attention to our mods, atomizers and e-liquid, but few of us give much consideration to our mouthpieces.  However, the fact of the matter is that without a mouthpiece, our vaping experiences wouldn’t be able to satisfy our needs.  This very small component actually does a lot of the work when it comes to allowing that vapor to hit the spot over and over again.
As you are aware, there are different mouthpieces for different types of vaping setups.  Now that we have pod mod systems, we’re using mouthpieces that are far different from the ones that we were used to with box mod systems.  So, how exactly are these mouthpieces different from each other?  We’re going to break down the key differences so that you can better understand how they work.

What a Mouthpiece Does
A mouthpiece serves a pretty simple function compared to the other components of a vaping setup.  It acts like a chimney that concentrates the vapor so that when you inhale, a smooth and consistent stream enters your mouth.  The size, shape and material of a mouthpiece reflect the type of vaping experience that the device is designed to provide.

Box Mod Mouthpieces vs. Pod Mod Mouthpieces: What’s the Difference?
Now, let’s break down the key differences between box mod mouthpieces and pod mod mouthpieces.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the shape of a mouthpiece.  With box mod systems, a mouthpiece is cylindrical, like an open tube.  This allows a lot of vapor to enter into the mouthpiece when you fire a hit.  As you know, box mod systems produce a lot more vapor per hit, which is why this shape is necessary.
Meanwhile, pod mod mouthpieces are usually very slim and rectangular.  Also, they tend to have little airholes rather than being completely open.  This is because less vapor is produced per hit.

It’s not surprising that a mouthpiece’s size reflects the size of the overall vaping setup.  A pod mod system is much smaller than a box mod system, so a pod mod’s mouthpiece is going to be smaller as well.

Pod mod systems don’t get as hot as box mod systems because they operate at lower wattage levels.  This is why pod mod mouthpieces can be constructed from a plastic material.  They’re not at risk of melting due to the high amount of power that’s running through the device.
Box mod mouthpieces, on the other hand, should be made from sturdier, more heat-resistant materials like stainless steel, glass and marble.  This is because these devices get much hotter.

Lastly, box mod mouthpieces come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, while pod system mouthpieces do not.  This is because box mod systems come with a massive array of features that can be adjusted, and so each type of mouthpiece is made to accommodate a different vaping style based on the various settings that have been selected.

Make the Right Mouthpiece Choice
The mouthpiece that you use with your vaping setup can determine everything from how much vapor enters your mouth to the intensity of the flavor.  What’s most important is knowing how each type of mouthpiece best suits the demands of the device that you’re using.  This guide will help you understand how and why box mod mouthpieces and pod mod mouthpieces differ in so many ways.