Smoking Tobacco vs Vaping Electronic Cigarettes

Find out the differences between Smoking Tobacco vs Vaping Electronic Cigarettes.

In recent years, the tendency to Buy Vapes or Electronic Cigarettes vs buying smoking tobacco is growing, with a single objective: Stop smoking or replace traditional tobacco with a healthier one, since it is scientifically proven that the vaper is 95 % less harmful and that is an effective and economical method.
In addition, it is increasingly common to see Vaping Stores in neighborhoods or city centers such as Nevada, South Carolina, or even Online Vaping Stores help people with health problems and offer the best vapers to quit smoking.

Smoke vs Vapor

Vaping is a cheap and effective alternative to quit smoking tobacco.

How Smoking Tobacco differs from Electronic Cigarettes
This is the first question you should ask yourself, and do not worry if you do not know the answer, we will help you decipher it. The difference between Vaper and tobacco is smoke: The tobacco cigarette produces smoke while the Vaper only produces vapor.

The smoke from tobacco is produced by a chemical shrinkage called combustion. This smoke contains solid particles and during that chemical process, new substances are created that are harmful to our body, such as Carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2).  Not to mention the huge amount of carcinogens in tobacco products.

Unlike smoke, Vapor is produced by drying out a liquid, converting the E-liquid into Vapor. Vaporization occurs inside the Vaper, it is a change of state of a substance, without any chemical procedure. So when it comes to vaping, what is inhaled are the substances contained in the vaping liquid.

NOTE: There is no tobacco in vaping liquids

What is a Vape or Vaper?
The Vape, Vaper or also called an electronic cigarette, is an electronic device capable of vaporizing a liquid solution (E-liquid or E-juice) transforming it into Vapor, which can then be inhaled by the user, as an alternative to tobacco.

In order for a vaper to work properly, all electronic cigarettes need these 3 components:

·A Battery: it is the part that provides energy, it is usually the device itself (in Starter Kits) and in the most advanced Vapers with functions adaptable to our taste, and they are usually called Mods.
·The Resistance Coil: it is a consumable piece, which goes inside an Atomizer or Clearomizer. It is a fundamental component of our vaper, mainly responsible for heating and evaporating the liquid.
·The Vape Liquid:  is a consumable which is composed of Propylene Glycol, Glycerin Plant, and Flavorings. It is the main factor that is responsible for providing us with an ideal vaping experience, thanks to its diversity of flavors.

NOTE: Vape Liquid components should be labeled as FDA approved when dealing with DIY components. If mixing your own vape liquids.

What types of Vapers exist?
You have probably visited an Online Vaping Store and you will have noticed that there are countless types of vapers. This can be a great obstacle for us when it comes to buying vapers if we want it to be a good investment. To do this, we should take into account the price of the vaper and its characteristics.

Mini Vaper & Pod Systems
This type of Vaper is characterized by its dimension, in general, the Pod Systems are small, of a size similar to an analog cigarette and therefore it is very portable. This type of vaper allows us to start vaping in a simple way, since the feeling of vaping is natural, thanks to the fact that the power is somewhat lower than other vapers and having the air intakes more closed, the sensation it provides is very similar to a tobacco cigarette.

It should be noted that currently, the combination of Nicotine Salts with Pods is being able to satisfy in a more effective way, even for the most demanding.

·Lightweight dimension, it is comfortable to wear.
·They are usually a Cheap Vaper Type.
·It offers more discretion.
·They are ideal for moderate or occasional smokers.
·Feeling similar to tobacco.

·Low battery life, being small vapers, the battery is limited.
·Little customization and possible improvements.
·It may not fully satisfy regular smokers with large nicotine needs.

Vaper Pen or Vape Pen type
This type of Vape has a design similar to that of a pen, hence the name Vape Pen. This type of vaper is more suitable for regular smokers because Vape Peas are capable of producing more vapor, greater blow than the Pods, and superior autonomy without becoming heavy.

·Satisfaction for most users.
·It can be obtained in almost all vaper stores.
·Options to adapt it to our liking thanks to the 510 series thread.
·The dimension is suitable for the hand.

·They are bigger and heavier than tobacco.
·Limited customization

Box Mods
This type of Vaper allows us to obtain an ideal vaping experience and is what most Vapers look for, to take a step further.

Within the mods, we can find many types, they can be classified by their function, which would be: Electronic, Mechanical, and Bottom Feeder. The mods in general, are bulkier than the 2 previous types, but in return, it offers us more functions, which are adaptable to the vaping style we are looking for and at the same time, produce much more vapor.

One of the most important functions and what differs from Pods and Vape Pens is that it has a Voltage System (in Electronics) that allows us to regulate the power of the puffs according to taste.

·Great autonomy, thanks to the possibility of equipping external batteries.
·Customizable functions that allow vaping to our liking.
·It produces a lot of vapor.
·It can satisfy the most demanding vapers.

·It is not a cheap Vaper.
·It requires a little more knowledge.
·They are heavier
·It requires more complex care of all its components.

Exquisite flavors of a Vaper
As we well know, one of the differences between the Tobacco and a Vaper is the taste that the Vaper can provide us, while the taste of the analog cigarette is generally of tobacco flavor or in some cases of mint-tobacco, the Flavor of the Vaper It can be very diverse, from the sweetest desserts to the freshest menthol.

A Vaper in itself does not have any flavor (unless they are preloaded Pods), the E-liquid is responsible for providing a pleasant vaping, giving us that flavor to the vaper.

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