Should You Wait Before or After Your Vape Session to Replace the Battery?

 It happens to every single vaper sooner or later – suddenly, it becomes apparent that the battery within that trusty system needs to be replaced. Even the most advanced vaping systems on the planet need to have their batteries replaced eventually, simply because no battery used in vaping technology is built to last forever.
It’s important to know when the battery needs to be replaced, as vaping using a dying battery can ultimately cause damage to your hardware. But, what about the specifics of when the battery should be switched out? Today, we’ll be talking about whether or not you should replace your battery before or after your vaping session.

Signs That Your Battery Needs to Be Replaced
First, we need to discuss the major signs that your vape battery needs to be replaced, as these can determine how urgent the need to replace it actually is.

Sign #1: No Longer Holding a Charge for the Right Amount of Time
One sign that a battery is on its way out is that it’s no longer holding its charge like it used to. This tends to happen gradually, and some vapers don’t even really notice it until it’s too late. If you find that your battery which used to provide an entire day’s worth of vaping now only lasts for a couple of vaping sessions, that’s a clear sign that the battery needs to be switched out for a new one.

Sign #2: It’s Leaking
If your battery is actually leaking fluid, this is a sign that the battery needs to be replaced immediately – and we mean it. Vaping with a leaking battery isn’t just bad for your device – it’s flat-out dangerous. Don’t take a single puff until a new battery is safely installed into your device.

Sign #3: Your Device Isn’t Working Properly
If your device is acting strangely, even though there’s nothing actually wrong with the hardware, there’s a good chance that a dying battery is the culprit.

When to Replace Your Battery
Now, let’s talk about when you should replace that battery, in terms of whether it should be before or after a vaping session.

If You’re Using a Traditional Mod
If you’re using a traditional mod, we recommend that you replace the battery before you vape. This is ideal, because you’ll have a more enjoyable vaping session with a new, fresh battery that can last longer, and supply adequate output to your device. Using a weak, dying battery in your box mod will prevent it from reaching the full amount of power, and we know that box mod users are all about that high-power performance.

If You’re Using a Pod System
If you’re using a pod system that has an integrated battery, it can be harder to know whether or not the battery is actually the problem. These are more simplistic devices technologically speaking, and it’s hard to actually look at the battery itself. But, you can use the signs listed above to know whether or not there is an issue with your battery. Again, switch it out prior to vaping, because pod mod batteries are already fairly low-capacity.

If You’re Using a Portable Vaporizer
The same goes for batteries used in a portable vaporizer. Switching out the battery beforehand will be conducive to a better vaping session.

Best Do It Before Your Vape Session Gets Underway
As you can see, it’s usually best to replace your vape battery before you enjoy another vaping session, assuming that something is clearly wrong with the battery. Unless the battery is leaking, however, taking a few puffs shouldn’t cause serious issues. What’s most important is that you stay on top of the health of your batteries, and always have some spares ready to go.