First and foremost, the most important thing to remember about vaping is that it is all about the person – in other words, there is no ‘right’ answer to this question. Is the idea of enjoying herb or wax without worrying about a lighter appealing? Then, yes. Is the idea of enjoying herb or wax (or oil) without breathing in smoke appealing? Then, yes. Is a compact and powerful tool appealing to you? Then, yes. Even if the answers to some of those are “no” or “maybe” that still doesn’t mean that someone shouldn’t try vaping. Given that the whole question is so case specific, below are a number of different questions that help to break down the most important considerations.

Should I be Vaping Pods or Re-fillable Vape Tanks
Surprise! This is also a personal question. But, it doesn’t mean the question isn’t important or that it doesn’t have objective answer. For example, does the idea of having to open empty tanks and deal with sticky liquids make you feel less inclined? If so, that is probably a good sign to go with pods. If it doesn’t, then the maintenance of a tank won’t be an issue. There is the convenience factor but there is also the cost factor – buying oil in bulk and refilling can be easier on the wallet than having to constantly search out pods. Not to mention, there is some level of customization. Again, no right answers, but think about what is most appealing and then research the specifics from there.

Should I Be Vaping or Smoking Cigarettes
Frankly, despite all the hype around vaping, it is arguably healthier than smoking cigarettes. If there is something appealing about not getting smelly hands and risking cancer, vaping is a great alternative. There is, however, the consideration that people still choose smoking over vaping – whether it’s because they enjoy the ‘burn’ of the smoke or simply prefer the act of smoking – and so one should always consider their options. Vaping, overall, is arguably, said to be significantly healthier and it is less stinky and messy than smoking.

Should I Be Vaping Wax
This can come down to whether or not someone wants to deal with a high level of potency. Wax is extremely strong and vaping it takes a small amount of effort to understand the nuances of different rod materials and more. If someone definitely wants wax but is unsure about vaping vs. dabbing the difference is clear – with vaping there is a small battery-operated device that provides a smooth, clean hit. With dabbing there is a massive glass rig full of water and a blowtorch is needed to superheat said glass. Granted, dabbing is wonderful but vaping is significantly easier. That being said, plenty of people choose dabbing because of the roughness of the hits and the cloud potential. In the end, it depends on what someone prefers.

Should I Be Vaping Dry Herbs
Again, this is a personal question. There are plenty of low cost vapes that will give bowls or pipes or even bongs a run for their money. That being said, some folks simply enjoy (much like the dabbing mentioned above) the burn of the herb and the taste of it from a bowl than a vape. At the end of the day, it’s a personal preference.

Should I Be Vaping Inside
This is sort of a no brainer – vaping inside will not cause lingering smells. So, if someone doesn’t like to leave their apartment to enjoy some herb but hates being chewed out by their SO because it smells like herb in the apartment, vaping is a great alternative. Though, some prefer being outside and that is fine too.

Should I Be Vaping Outside
As mentioned above, it all comes down to personal preferences. If someone doesn’t like being inside and vaping or smoking then they should do it outside. But, vaping doesn’t linger and stain like smoke will. So, outside of personal preference considerations, it is easy to say that vaping inside will carry little or no consequences especially when compared to smoking herb or worse, tobacco. So, it’s up to you.