Ensuring a Safe Charge For Your E-cigarette

Since the very early days of vaping one of the biggest fears amongst vapers is ensuring there devices are charging safely. While it may sound trivial to some, in reality vaping has sadly seen its fair share of horror stories thanks to unstable technology, cheap charging cables and in many cases simple human error. Thankfully, such tragedies are a thing of the past; with the introduction of ever-modernising technology, vaping devices have come on leaps and bounds with your safety at the core of their design.

Safety First!
Just because our devices are looking out for you, doesn't mean there aren't things you can do to be extra-safe. Try to remember the following pointers, and you should always be at the top of your vape-safety game!

·Wherever possible, use the cable provided - Almost all devices will come supplied with a charging cable, to avoid any risk you should always try to stick to the factory cable provided. Cheap cables or those designed for other devices can cause serious issues if your not careful!

·Watch where you plug-in! - Not all e-cigarettes are designed to be charged from a wall socket, some are better suited to USB only. Always check the user manual or packaging for advice about voltage requirements that will help you ensure you are plugging into the right place, it might not cause a fire but it won't do your battery any good in the long run! Newer plugs with smart adaptable power outputs are a safer bet than a standard USB or wall plug as they will adjust themselves to the correct voltage for your device.

·Check your environment is suitable - It goes without saying, but to be safe while charging ensure the device is not exposed to extreme conditions. Cold, heat, and moisture can all compromise your devices safety if exposed to either of them beyond normal limits. Cars can become very cold at night - so think twice before leaving it plugged in to a car adaptor or even just leaving the battery in there overnight. Otherwise stick to charging indoors out of harm's way.