Reviewing the Best Kangertech Tanks: Which is Right For You?

For some, vaping is a hobby that helps them move away from the harmful effects of smoking. If you are curious about vaping, it’s best to do it with some of the best equipment.
Vaping is much safer than cigarette smoking, with many using it as a substitute to stop from smoking. If you’re vaping, it’s crucial to have hardware that can last and give you value for money.
Enter Kangertech tanks.
These vaping tanks are some of the best hardware in the market. Nothing comes close, and they make sure there is something for everyone.
Which one is the best for your needs? Which is the best choice for every situation?
In this guide, we give you everything you need to know about Kanger tanks:

1. TopTank Mini – Great For Cloud Chasers
If you’re looking to cloud chase, look no further than the TopTank Mini. This vaporizer will blow you away with is surprising performance and substantial value. The Kangertech TopTank Mini is one of the best vapor producers in the market, even for its small build.
For those looking to make some clouds of their own, this Kanger tank will put many on their places.
First, what’s fantastic about this tank is the hardware. The materials are high-quality, using a Pyrex glass tube providing solid durability like many from Kangertech. The food-grade stainless steel gives it a beautiful, steampunk-ish look that’s hard to find anywhere.
This tank can hold up to 4 ml of e-liquid, which is more than enough before you need a few refills. Many will have a lesser capacity for the very price point it has.
What sets this apart, however, is the vape coil. The TopTank Mini is the best option for cloud chasers due to its low coil resistance. It comes pre-installed with a NI200 0.15Ω SSOCC coil, with another 0.5 ohms SSOCC coil in the pack.
Its versatile atomizer and robust tank capacity make this best for a cloud chaser. You can get those big clouds that you want without refilling too many times a day. You can even change the airflow settings to adjust vapor harshness.

2. Kangertech ProTank 4 – The Kanger Tank For MTL Vaping
For people who smoked before, mouth to lung vaping has been a standard anywhere. By mimicking how you smoke an actual cigarette, these tanks give you the extra feel at every sip. The common problem for MTL tanks, however, is that there aren’t so many good ones out there.
If you need the best Kangertech tank for MTL vaping, the best unit for the job is the ProTank 4. The Kangertech ProTank 4 provides you one of the best MTL vape experiences for less. It won’t break the bank while giving you excellent satisfaction.
If you give this Kanger tank a look, you’ll notice how spot on any Kanger tank review is. The body has a beautiful, ultra-shiny chrome metal finish, with a Pyrex glass center. This makes the design super elegant without cutting corners on the durability aspect.
Its main feature is a top and side filling option, giving you top accessibility to your tank’s 5ml capacity. With its MTL and direct lung (DL) vaping choices, its reasonable price makes it worth it. Its other options include airflow adjust and child-lock feature.
For those who plan on looking towards MTL vaping, the best Kanger tank for you is the ProTank 4.

3. TopTank Nano – Best For Portability
The TopTank Nano is the predecessor of the TopTank Mini, going smaller again this time around. With its 3.2 ml capacity and 3 ¼-inch length, it’s the most portable tank out there. If space is a premium, the portability of this unit is the king among Kangertech tanks.
What’s impressive about the TopTank Nano is the durability. With the Kanger-signature stainless steel with replaceable Pyrex glass, you get a beautiful, functional unit. Sure, it’s good-looking, but it’s quite the performer for sure.
The tank uses a top-filling and bottom-filling option for different fill-up choices. The base valve allows for better airflow control, adjusting the harshness for your needs.
What makes these tanks great is their ability to fill in a niche. For the TopTank Mini, it’s great for people who have mobility and portability as a priority. People who can’t keep something more than an empty pocket with them.

4. Mini ProTank 3 – Budget Kanger Tanks
Not all people have enough money to go for the premium vaping experience. Some people would also want to start trying to vape but don’t want to spend a lot on their first try. If budget is your priority, your best bet is the Mini Protank 3.
With a full length of 2 7/8-inches, the Mini Protank 3 is the economy pack for people who a thin vape pen. It boasts the same stainless steel – Pyrex construction, making it ultra-durable for its price. Its 1.5 ml capacity makes it a good option for people who don’t mind the shorter vape sessions.
If ever you want to boost the performance of your tank, you can change the default base. You can substitute it with the Kanger Airflow Control Valve to get a better adjustment of your vape.
With all of its parts replaceable, the Kangertech Mini Protank 3 is a great budget choice for beginners. If you’re starting or don’t want to spend too much money on vaping and like the slim vape pen style, this is the best option.
Which Kangertech Tanks Are For You?
Kangertech tanks are some of the best, most durable vaping mods and options available on the market. With their long-lasting hardware and a fitting choice for every situation, these are the best. If you’re looking to dabble into vaping or need to change device, Kangertech has something for you.

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