How to Clean a Vape Quickly and Thoroughly

According to statistics, one in five young Americans regularly vape. It's easy to see why, with vaping recognized as one of the best ways to quit smoking for good. Combine this with the increase in vape culture and the low cost of buying a vape starter kit, and it's obvious why many people now use vapes.
How many of these people know how to clean a vape, though? Cleaning vape coils and other components is an essential part of vape ownership. It gives you a tastier and better experience, no matter the model you use.
Well, we've got your back. We know that taking your vape apart can seem like an intimidating process, but it's easy once you know how to do it.
Are you ready to find out how to clean a vape pen? Then read on, and enjoy smoother, tastier vaping.

Knowing How to Clean a Vape: Why it Matters
If you're new to vaping, you might be wondering why you need to clean your vape at all. It's an integral part of vaping, even if it isn't as fun as the process itself. If you're using clean tanks and coils, you get more flavor from each puff.
It also prevents gunge from building up in the mouthpiece. Let me tell you; there's nothing that turns your stomach quite like picking a bit of black gunk off of your tongue.
It can save you money, too. While some may immediately leap to buying new coils, you don't have to! Just give them a spring clean, and you may be able to eke a little more life out of your clean vape coil.
It's also perfect if you've recently been using a strongly flavored e-liquid. Some flavors, particularly sugary ones, stick to the coils and taint every other flavor you use. Leaving this sugarcoating on your coils is also a good way to burn them out quicker.

Cleaning Your Vape Tank
Before we look at cleaning the coils, let's take a look at cleaning your tank. Over time, this can collect residue of the various liquids that you've used. This residue not only messes with your tank's appearance but also adds those flavors to any other liquid you use.
Chocolate cake with a hint of lemon and lime? No, thank you!
Luckily, cleaning your tank is easy. All you need is warm water, maybe some dish soap, and patience.
First of all, fill a bowl with warm water. Unscrew your tank from its mount on the battery. Then disassemble the tank, removing the coil and putting this aside for cleaning later.
You want to strip your tank own to the glass and the o-rings, the tiny seals that stop your tank leaking. If you don't know how to do this, consider this part of learning how to clean a vape as your education. It's effortless and essential knowledge.
Wash the components in the warm water with dish soap if required. Once clean, dry them with a paper towel or a lint-free cloth. Leave them to stand and air-dry for at least 30 minutes before reassembling your tank.

Another Way to Clean a Vape Tank
If you've got stubborn stains on your vape tank, you can use alcohol to clean these away. Remember only to use alcohol that is for human consumption.
Vodka is particularly good at removing the glycerin residue. Pour some onto a rag or paper towel and wipe your tank down. After this, rinse your tank and follow the steps above.

Cleaning Vape Coils
Since a tank is just glass, it's a bit easier to clean than your coils. These are quite delicate components, despite their metal construction. Follow these instructions, and you'll get the awesome flavor from your old coils in no time!
With a few exceptions, you should be able to get a couple of days worth of extra life out of your replaceable coil head. If it isn't wholly black and gunked up, then read on! If it is, toss it and buy new coils.
To clean your coils, remove them from your tank and soak it in vodka or vinegar. You'll need to do this for a few hours. This process gives the cleaning agent time to do its magic on the baked-on gunk.
After a few hours have passed, take them out and rinse them thoroughly. You may also want to rinse them with distilled water.
After this, you'll need to leave the coils to dry naturally. As they are absorbent, there's not a whole lot that you can do to speed the process along, aside from leaving them in the sun.

Cleaning Rebuildable Vape Coils
If you have an RDA or RTA vape, cleaning your coils is essential. It's likely that you only the wicks, which can leave your coils neglected and dirty.
If you've only got a little bit of juice on the coil, remove the wicks and do a dry burn. If the gunk is sticking around, then you need to take things up a notch.
Put the coil under running water and brush it with a toothbrush. You can buy specialized tools for cleaning coils, but they aren't required. Once you've got all the gunge off, you can dry burn the coil to dry the water by quickly evaporating it.
You can use dish soap if required, as with other methods we've discussed. Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly to get rid of any trace of dish soap before dry burning.

A Clean Vape is a Good Vape
It's the most tedious part of vaping, but knowing how to clean a vape is important. Neglect it at your peril and suffer a lack of flavor!
If you're considering getting a new tank, coils, or a whole new vape, then take a look around our store! If you've got any questions for us, then don't hesitate to get in contact. We'll be happy to help you any way we can.