Quitting JUUL or Puff Bars: How Your Local Vape Shop Can Help

The rise of JUUL, Puff Bar and other small, high-nicotine vaping devices has been both a blessing and a curse for consumers and for the vaping industry. Leaving aside the obvious controversy surrounding those brands, the fact is that the modern nicotine salt vaping products do offer a vaping experience replicating the sensation of smoking more closely than anything that was available previously. That’s enabled millions of people to switch to vaping who may not have been able to switch successfully using the previous generation of products. That’s a good thing. Let’s not forget what cigalikes used to be like.

Using a high-nicotine vaping device, however, does some with one serious drawback in that you really have nowhere to go from there when you’re ready to change your vaping experience. Let’s suppose, for instance, that you’re using one of these devices and want to lower your nicotine consumption. 

·If you’re currently using disposable vapes, there’s not going to be much that you can do because disposable e-cigarettes usually aren’t available in lower nicotine strengths.
·If you’re currently using JUUL or another closed-system vaping device with pre-filled pods, you may have the ability to buy pods with lower nicotine strengths – but those pods may not lower your nicotine consumption as much as you’re hoping. JUUL’s lower-nicotine pods, for instance, have a nicotine strength of 35 mg/ml – which is still an incredibly high amount.

Owners of vape shops like The Vape Bar in Oklahoma City have learned that the nature of the vaping industry has changed a great deal over the past few years. They understand that people entering their shops for the first time are just as likely to be looking for JUUL and Puff Bar alternatives as they are to have never vaped before at all – and they’ve set themselves up to help people transition from higher-nicotine closed-system vaping devices to refillable vaping systems that are more affordable, offer greater flavor variety and make it much easier to reduce nicotine consumption.

When you visit your local vape shop for help with transitioning to a refillable vaping device, the people working there will probably have some questions about what you like and don’t like about your current vaping setup. To ensure that you’ll love your new device, think about how you might answer these three questions.

Do You Love the Simplicity of Your Current Vaping Device?
Without question, the higher-nicotine closed vaping systems are incredibly easy to use. With a disposable vape, you simply use the device until it stops working. At that point, you’ll switch to a new device. If you’re fortunate, you have a local e-waste facility that accepts disposable vapes for recycling. Rechargeable devices like JUUL and Vuse aren’t quite as simple, but they really aren’t that complicated either. All that you need to do is keep your battery charged and replace your pod when necessary; that’s not a lot of trouble. 

Simplicity is a big part of what makes people fall in love with pre-filled vaping devices – and when you decide that it’s time to quit JUULing, you’ll want to buy a vape kit that’s equally convenient and user friendly. 

When you visit your local vape shop, tell them what device you’re currently using and explain that you’d like to see a refillable pod system in action. You’ll see that today’s pod-based vape kits really aren’t so different from what you’re using now. The only difference is that you’ll need to refill your pod occasionally, and that’s a small amount of effort required for the freedom you’ll gain. 

Do You Want to Explore New Vape Juice Flavors?
Another reason why you might want to switch from the Puff Bars or JUUL that you’re currently using is because you’d like to experience some different e-liquid flavors. That’s especially likely to be the case if you live in the United States, where a flavored pod ban has made all vape pod flavors other than tobacco and menthol illegal. Even if you happen to enjoy your device’s tobacco or menthol pods, expecting any vaper to subsist on just two different flavors when there are hundreds of different vape juices on the market is a pretty tall order.

So, if you want to experience some new e-liquid flavors, the people at your local vape shop can recommend some good candidates that you might enjoy. It might be helpful for you to spend a bit of time thinking about the flavors you’ve enjoyed in the past. For example, maybe you really enjoyed mango pre-filled vape pods before the flavor ban took effect. Alternatively, maybe you’re a fan of the fruit-and-ice flavors that are so popular in the world of disposable vapes today. The people at your local vape shop can recommend some e-liquid flavors that are similar and might also be able to suggest some completely new flavor profiles that you’re likely to enjoy.

Do You Want to Reduce Your Nicotine Intake?
As we mentioned above, one of the biggest problems with pre-filled vaping devices is that they’re simply not available in a sufficient range of nicotine strengths for those who’d like to start reducing their nicotine intake after quitting smoking. Once you’ve switched from the 5 percent nicotine strength to the 3 percent strength, what do you do next? There’s an enormous chasm between e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 3 percent and one with no nicotine at all.

Once again, this is an area where your local vape shop can help. After you identify a new vaping device that looks like it’ll be a good fit, you should mention that your ultimate goal is to reduce your nicotine consumption. The people at the vape shop may recommend a few different e-liquids in a range of nicotine strengths, which would give you the ability to step down to lower strengths while still enjoying a similar flavor profile. 

When you get to the point at which you’re using an e-liquid with an extremely low nicotine strength, it may be necessary to step up to a more powerful vaping device in order to maintain the same sense of satisfaction when you vape. You’ll find your conversations with the people at your local vape shop helpful in this area because they’ll be able to suggest some different devices to you or show you what your options are for upgrading your existing device.