5 Best Pod Vape Systems | Refillable Mod Kits [2021]

Pod vapes are also known as pod systems or electronic cigarettes.  These are new and simple to use electronic cigarettes that don’t require any vape expertise in order to get started vaping.  This article gathers the best pod systems that provide a perfect balance of e-liquid capacity and internal battery life.

What are Pod Mods?

The best pod vape consist of three pieces:

·Refillable Pod Cartridge
·Atomizer Coil
·Pod Battery

The battery and pod mod cartridge fit together and allow you to instantly vape.  These vaping packages included batteries that are rechargeable and the pod cartridges either come prefilled with e-liquid or you can fill them up from a bottle of e-juice that can be readily purchased at any online or brick-and-mortar e-cig shop.  The best part of a pod system is that they are light, portable, refillable, and reusable.  There is only one system that is easier to use and they are disposable e-cigs, but they cannot be reused or refilled which can be more expensive to operate in the long term.

A slightly more complex pod vape may have a third component which is called an atomizer coil.  The atomizer coil cartridge press fits into the pod allowing separation of concerns.  Neither style is better than the other but when it comes to replacing a pod cartridge or atomizer coil, the atomizer coil may come in at a slightly lower cost for each replacement.

The overall functional simplicity and compact size are what drive so many vapers to seek out the best pod vape systems. In the realm of MTL pod vaping and DTL,  our votes have been cast and these are results for the best pod mod vape this year.

Best Pod Systems

1. Smok Acro (Dual Draw System)

SMOK has come a long way since its earlier days.

·Draw Activate Fire – Auto Draw
·Button Activated Fire – Can be disabled

The SMOK ACRO is a great pod stick system for anyone looking for all-day vaping. Equipped with a large rechargeable 1000mAh battery that you can quickly recharge through the Type-C port which is located near the bottom of this pod. The ACRO provides stable power and higher power throughput speed that allows really quick charging. It can completely charge the battery in 90 minutes thanks to the Type-C connector.  A wonderful pod vape for those looking for true a true MTL pod stick.

On the front, there is a circular fire lever, an air intake, a 0.69 inch OLED display panel on the mod’s side, and has two power level adjustment keys. The SMOK ACRO Kit has both draw-activated fire and button draw-activated firing features, allowing you to vape your way. To get a mellow flavor and big vapor, use the up and down button to change the wattage from 5 to 25W. ACRO also features intelligent power detection capability that helps you to better grasp the device’s state. This pod device includes two refillable mesh cartridges, each made of PCTG plastic and capable of holding up to 2mL of your preferred e-liquid, whether freebase e- juice or salt nicotine.

Filling ACRO pods is a breeze thanks to the basic side filling process. To enter the filler port, lift up on the rubber stopper. After loading the tank, do not vape right away. Allow for a few minutes for the cotton to absorb all of the liquid after refilling. They’re practically leak-proof thanks to a silicone seal, making them easy to ship even when completed. This mouthpiece is smooth, with translucent e-juice windows on either side that allow you to see how much liquid is inside. A 0.8ohm meshed coil is built-in for extreme flavor. Airflow control is available for customization using a special air bar slider on the device’s back. You can set the intake wide open and immerse yourself in large clouds of vapor thanks to the customizable airflow inlet.

2. Vaporesso Luxe PM40 (Best Luxury Pod Mod)

Experience the best features available on a pod system

·Button Fire Only
·Adjustable Power

Vaporesso has created a perfect blend of performance and portability together to bring you their high-end LUXE PM40 pod system! This sleek and powerful pod mod is equipped with an 1800 mAh internal rechargeable battery, going up to a maximum output of 40 watts of power.  Featuring refillable pods that carry a maximum of 4.0 mLs of e-juice that create either an airy MTL pod vape or tightly restricted lung hit.

Featuring intelligent operating modes that can be adjusted from its large 0.69 inch OLED screen.  A smart pod vape with a luxurious look that fits seamlessly in the pocket. The Vaporesso LUXE PM40 pod is also compatible with the Vaporesso GTX Replacement Coil series. This pod’s elegant design incorporates liquid level visibility and a quick fill method. Get great performance with a wide range of customization on the Vaporesso LUXE PM40.

3. UWell Caliburn G (Best MTL Pod System)

The updated version of the original Caliburn is here!

·Draw Fire Activation
·Button Fire Activation

The Uwell Caliburn G Pod Package is a more improved variant of the previous Uwell Caliburn, which is highly esteemed as the best pod stick vape. The pod system comes equipped with an integrated 690mAh battery, an 18W maximum performance, a 2mL E-Liquid capacity, and an airflow mechanism that can be adjusted.   There are two airflow options present on the Caliburn G.  You just flip the pod connected to the battery in order to switch between the two airflow styles.  One way allows a tight restricted draw and the other is a looser MTL draw.  This makes it a great choice for MTL pod vaping.

The Caliburn G is made of Zinc-Alloy and the integrated battery will last all day while producing a consistent 18 watts of power.  The snap-in mounting of the refillable pod container and replaceable pod coil has a leakproof upper e-juice filling mechanism that holds 2mL of nicotine salts or freebase e-Juice. Vapers should use the draw-activated firing mechanism or the manual firing button to fire the pod mod.  Five clicks of the firing button will power on or off the pod’s battery.  The Caliburn G also has a Type-C USB port that charges easily, cutting down on the amount of time it takes to charge up.

4. VooPoo Drag S (Auto Draw Pod )

Elevate Your Vaping Game with the Portable and Intelligent Drag

·Automatic Draw Fire
·Button Firing

The DRAG S pod vape by VooPoo is a highly adaptable vaping device that can be utilized with both nicotine salts or freebase e-Juice. It comes equipped with the proprietary Gene. TT Chipset, a 2500mAh integrated battery, and has DTL or MTL pod mode options.  Airflow can be dialed way down for a perfect MTL vape. The Voopoo DRAG S Pod Mod, which uses the current generation of Gene.TT Chipset can achieve wattages of 5-60W.  Featuring various built-in protection and safety features to ensure a satisfying and secure vaping experience.

The charm of the DRAG S Pod System, though, resides in the simplicity of the Pod Mod.  It has a rather physically appealing and super lightweight zinc-alloy body frame. In addition, it comes in a wide array of decorative leather and carbon fiber frames to choose from. You can easily adjust the airflow by spinning the pod 180 degrees and then reinstalling it with the durable magnetic attachment, which supports DTL or MTL Pod vaping. The DRAG S Pod Kit can also be equipped with one of the many coils from the PnP Series.  An awesome feature of the Gene.TT Chipset is that it can auto-detect and tune wattage dynamically to avoid burnt coils.  Featuring a pretty generous 4.5mL refillable cartridge for holding e-juice.

5. SMOK Nord 4 (Most Powerful Pod Vape)

Experience Incredible Vaping with SMOK Nord 4.
·Long Battery Life
·High Wattage Pod

Refillable Pod systems have become the most sought-after vaping devices over the last few years. The SMOK Nord 4 Ultra-Portable Starter Kit is among the most gorgeous vape mods in the market. It seeks to address the ever-increasing demand for pod systems. It is budget-friendly and features a large integrated 2000mAh battery. It fires up on the draw and vaporizes both nic salts and freebase e-liquids.  Underrated but definitely one of the best pod vape systems that you can get your hands on. Adjustable Wattage output up to 80W!

Featuring an e-juice capacity of 4.5ml and mesh coils. It has a slender tip that fits well in the mouth and gives you a comfortable draw. On the side of the vape mod, you will see a rubber cap that will expose the fill port once you pull it. While the fill port is not that large, it can fit most unicorn bottles as well as small droppers.  The best pod mod that looks and feels more lavish compared to its previous versions. 

This refillable pod system consists of a nice size LED display, which shows all of your settings simply by glancing to the side. The SMOK Nord 4 pod vape provides an incredible vaping experience. It is user-friendly, ultra-portable, and delivers exciting throat hits even when you are using 50mg nicotine salts. It has a lovely finish, seamless machining, and it is pocket-friendly.

6.  Vaporesso Xros (Best Flavor)

A Slick Pod stick with Overall Excellent MTL Pod Performance

·Auto Draw & Manual Firing
·Tight MTL Pod Airflow

XROS is a one-of-a-kind vape pod device that offers an unrivaled vaping experience and the most cutting-edge vaping technology. The VAPORESSO XROS uses newly designed Mesh MTL pods and has an adaptive airflow system, which makes the XROS improved efficiency and increases the taste consistency of your e-liquid.

The mighty strength of the integrated 800mAh battery is built into the XROS’ slim body with a modern precision look. The XROS charges up the built-in battery to maximum capacity in 45 minutes or less using the latest Type-C quick charge vape technology. The XROS offers better battery capacity given its compact size, with a maximum performance of 20W and a 2ml pod tank.

You can comfortably refill the XROS to max e-liquid capacity with the clear pod, which helps you to see the e-liquid amount for precise loading. This refillable pod vape has the ability to vape by “auto-draw” or “manual-fire” by utilizing internal dual-firing technology. A new feature integrated into this Pod Mod. Overall, Vaporesso’s XROS pod mod is an impressive and fairly priced pod mod that greatly exceeds the limitations and functionality of all other current MTL pod systems on the market.

7. VooPoo Vinci Pod (Best Discrete Vape System)

The Best Vape that offers MTL pod vaping and DL Consistent Hits

·RDL to MTL Airflow
·Super Fast Auto Draw

It is without a doubt that the Voopoo Vinci pod is one of the tiniest pod vapes available. It measures 93.5 x 14 x 24mm, which is significantly smaller than some of its predecessors, such as the Caliburn G and the Vinci Air.

The inbuilt 800mah battery’s lifespan is extended thanks to the next generation AI Gene microprocessor, which assures a constant 15W output. The chip also controls the device’s super quick and responsive auto draw, as well as a number of safety mechanisms that keep it from failing. The refillable 2ml capacity pods include a pre-installed 0.8-ohm coil and are a closed unit with a leak-proof construction and high-quality vape.

The airflow on the Vinci pod device may be adjusted, allowing for a limited direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung draw. For such a small kit, the Vinci Kit provides an outstanding vaping experience. It’s easy to operate and has a sleek design with high build quality. It includes a variable airflow system that allows for a tight or relaxed MTL pull. Overall, this is one of the greatest pod kits on the market right now, especially with the pre-installed coils.

8. Navi Pod (Best Clearance Pod)

Enjoy Flavor Filled Vapor with one of the Best Vape Pod systems with a smart chip.

·Large E-Juice Capacity
·Auto Draw Fire & Press Fire

Do you have some old coils laying around? Yes! It takes all those leftover Vinci & PnP Coils!

The VooPoo Navi Pod System features certain aesthetic originality. It has a sporty yet functional design.  The Navi Pod is sporting the GENE AI chip behind its large TFT color screen display. The device is very portable and can slide in your purse or pockets easily.

Featuring a 15000 mAh internal battery that powers this pod mod and delivers one of the best battery life available on a pod vape.  When fully charged, this battery can support your vaping sessions throughout the day, particularly when utilizing nicotine salt e-liquid. You can charge the battery through the USB port found on the side of the pod device.

The device has an intelligent battery life indicator on the 0.96-inch display screen where you can also set the rest of your vape options and modes.  Functional pod mod with adjustable airflow on the outside for MTL and DTL vapers with an adjustable wattage that maxes out at an incredible 40 watts.  The best pod system with a refillable e-juice capacity of 3.8ml, meaning you can enjoy long, uninterrupted vaping sessions. Refilling is also a stress-free task.  The VooPoo Navi Ultra Portable System is a fantastic choice for vapers on-the-go or for the enthusiasts of day trips since it holds enough juice to satisfy even veteran vapers. It is a great performer and excels in providing flavorful vapor. It is also durable, reliable, and user-friendly.

Advantages of Pod Vapes
Since refillable pod systems are lightweight and can conveniently fit in a purse, wallet, or small bag, they are ideal for on-the-go vaping. The hardware is minimal and unobtrusive, helping you to vape discreetly. In addition, pod vapes are much less costly than large sophisticated vapes while also providing a high-quality vaping experience.  Pod systems are a cost-effective way to get your nicotine fix, with prices around $15 to $30.

Refillable Pod vapes are also simple to maintain. They don’t need to be maintained on a daily basis, and they don’t have to be replaced as often as disposable vapes.  However, disposable e-cigs do not need to be maintained at all.  When they need to be cleaned just wipe them down with an antibacterial cleaner.

There are no complicated configurations or changes to be concerned with. When the pod is finished, just refill it with your preferred e-juice.  Just click the pod into place and inhale until you receive the desired nicotine fix. 


Portability: Pod systems are lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket, including the tiny pocket. It’s tiny. Refillable Pod vapes are far more lightweight than box mods and other vape mods.  This makes them an excellent option if you’ll be vaping outside of the home.  Pod systems come in a number of sizes, but even the larger ones are more lightweight than most other mods on the market.  For a size comparison, pod mods are similar to cig-a-likes, which are smaller than tube vape pens.

Auto Draw: Auto draw is an automatic firing mechanism, which removes the need to press a button to fire the pod system and receive vapor.  Many vapers find this feature to be extremely convenient. Not having to worry about clicking a button every time they want to inhale or have another piece of a pod that could ultimately break.  But the best reason for auto draw is that your pod will not accidentally fire while in your pocket or purse.  Auto activated firing or draw activation pods will protect you from accidentally burning out coils.

Inexpensive: most of them are around the 20 dollar mark. It’s normally worth it when they do, but it depends on where you live and what store you’re buying from. The price of pod device e-cigarettes varies, but they’re usually inexpensive. They’re less expensive than any mods in the market, and in certain ways, they’re comparable to vape pens.

Best Flavor: For those salty, nicotine-laced throat hits.  Refillable Pod Vapes are most commonly used with Nic salt which allows the flavor to shine.  These small atomizer systems have very small coil chambers that concentrate and pack flavor in each vape. Freebase e-juice is also excellent but usually won’t accommodate those who need a larger nicotine fix.  If you use to smoke a lot then it is best to stay with Nic Salts and gradually step down to a Freebase liquid.

Stealth: Most pods allow you to vape unnoticed, but you must pick your e-liquid carefully because some vape juices fire insane amounts of vapor. Discreet, the word that comes to mind when you think about it. Everyone isn’t chasing clouds, and they also aren’t appropriate under all circumstances. MTL Pod systems are ideal for those moments when you want to vape in a more discrete manner. Even if you’re an indoor vaper, having a pod set up for outside vaping has definite advantages.

Ease of use: Pod device e-cigarettes are incredibly simple to use due to their “pod” nature.  The refillable pod cartridges simply slide into and out of the pod’s battery, and most of them function similarly to a cigarette, requiring the only inhalation to vape. On certain machines, the most difficult task is refilling the pod, but it is also very easy.

CBD E-Liquids:  These vape devices work well when paired with CBD vape juices.  Because the cotton filling in these atomizer coils has less volume than perhaps a rebuildable, all of the precious CBD juice is not being wasted.
Satisfaction: MTL Pod systems are usually more enjoyable to vape than cig-a-likes, despite their scale being similar to that of cig-a-likes. This is particularly true if you’re using high-strength e-juices or nic salts with very high strengths. You’ll find them as rewarding as any mods if you use a strong e-liquid.

Disadvantages of Pods


Short Battery Life: Unfortunately, most MTL & DTL pod vapes have batteries that are less than 900mAh and need frequent charging. However, running out of battery shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re a chain vaper.  Even when chain vaping you should expect to get a full day’s worth of vaping from most pod systems on the market.

Anti-Cloud-Chasing: What if you’re used to chucking clouds as large as pillows and head down to a pod device looking for clouds? You might feel disappointed and sad.  Pod devices are becoming stronger and more capable of producing large clouds.  However, in order to chase clouds with a pod, you must look for pod mods.  Pod Mods are bigger pods with features like adjustable wattage and batteries with over 2000mAh ratings.  These will allow you to send large amounts of power that are needed for cloud chasing.

Battery Size: The tiny batteries are what make pod systems portable, but they have a drawback if you want to vape for an extended period of time. Higher-capacity batteries are available in certain compact systems, but they are usually very thin. You’ll actually run out of battery fast if you’re using a lower-strength e-juice.

E-juices with a higher nicotine content: Higher-nicotine e-liquids perform well in compact vape systems. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t for the TPD’s nicotine-level restrictions, which means you can only buy high-strength nicotine salt e-liquid from outside Europe.

Bad for Thick E-Liquids: A high percentage of VG does not perform well. Many e-juices on the market today have a high percentage of VG, which doesn’t work well with vapes specifically made as MTL pod system systems. This is relatively simple to prevent, but it is also a disadvantage in pod vapes.  However, DTL pods should have no issues.

Clouds don’t like it: If you’re looking for a cloud-based alternative, these compact vape systems aren’t for you. Overall, vapor output is still fine, but there’s a major gap between a small pen-style pod device and a massive 200W box mod.

Pre-Filled Cartridges Have a Flavor Limit: This only applies to closed pod systems, which none of the above are.  The flavor is restricted in closed systems that only allow pre-filled cartridges. If they have just a few different flavors, you’ll be stuck with them for the rest of your life.

Can I only use Nic Salts in Pod Systems?
Generally, using nic salts in pod vapes is the way to go.  Because pod systems generate less vapor, a high nic concentrated e-liquid compensates for the lessened nicotine that is delivered by the vapor. However, Any refillable pod device can work just fine with regular vape e-juice.

WARNING: Do not use Nic Salts with sub-ohm or DTL setups.

This is a tough issue. Since using a sub-ohm tank with anything as dense in nicotine as salt nic e-liquid will cause nicotine toxicity/overdose, vaping nicotine salts is best done with pod systems. To put it another way, do not use sub-tanks to vape with Nic Salt.

There is a silver lining, we know a pod device running in MTL mode won’t allow us to cloud chase, but it will allow us to flavor chase, achieving nice beefy harsh throat hits, and discrete clouds.

If you’re not sure what salt nic is, it’s simply nicotine in its natural state as found in a tobacco leaf. It essentially helps high nic concentration e-juices become tolerable and tasty without having to take a chemistry lesson or look it up on Google. When you vape a 50mg “freebase” e-liquid, you’ll get a hard, spicy, if not gross, throat blow. If you vape on 50mg salt nic e-juice, though, you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

When I was trying to quit smoking, I vaped a lot of salt nic e-liquids. Some are amazing, and others are mediocre. That said, once you’ve found your stride, you’ll be perfect.

Can I use Nic Salt in Regular Mods?
Yes, but it is only recommended under certain conditions.  Nic salts should not be used with DTL(Direct to lung) setups.  If you want to vape a high nicotine e-liquid salt, you’ll want to use an MTL setup to stick on the low end of the nicotine scale.  In a regular mod you would want to adjust your coils before refilling with a nic salt.  What we mean by adjust is to create or use coils that are designed for low wattages.

If you want to use Nic salt in a regular vape mod first determine if your setup is MTL or DTL.  If you are running DTL and do not want to switch then do not use nic salt in the mod. Instead, aim for a low freebase e-liquid, such as 3mg or 6mg, for direct lung.  Direct lung vaping generates lots of vapor so you need low nic strength e-juices because you’re consuming more nicotine per puff.  Freebase e-liquid is not made by all manufacturers, so you may have to search for a new brand.

How Does a Pod System Work?
In recent years, vapers’ interest in pod mods has grown. Pod systems are a perfect compromise between a plastic vape and a specialized mod tank and can be seen as an alternative to conventional vapes. Disposable vapes have a short battery life, and sophisticated modifications can be complex and costly for certain vapers. Vape pod systems deliver long battery life while being as compact as disposable vapes, offering you the best of all worlds. Compact vape systems can store up to 2ml of e-liquid and can be refilled if desired.

Open Pods vs Closed Pods

Pod systems fall into one of these two categories “open” and “closed”

“Closed” Pod Cartridge
A closed pod functions similarly to a cartomizer or a cig-a-like device.  It comes pre-filled with e-liquid and isn’t refillable, so you just toss it out when it’s done. These, like plastic cartomizers, have the advantage of being the easiest to use but the disadvantage of having a small flavor selection.

If you’re using a device with a closed pod configuration, you’re limited to the flavors available from the maker. This isn’t always a problem, particularly when high-quality e-liquids are included in the normal lineup, most will offer premium e-liquid flavors, but it can be a problem with certain brands of devices.

“Open” Pod Vape
An “open” pod capsule, like a normal tank, is refillable, allowing you to use whatever e-liquid you choose. This gives refillable pod systems a lot of versatility, but it’s worth remembering that they really can’t handle high-VG e-juices. It’s best to use higher-PG blends with higher nicotine levels, like 50/50 PG/VG, or 70% maximum VG. Lower-nicotine juices will also have a satisfactory vape, but since refillable pod systems generally produce less vapor, more nicotine is a better choice.

Different Types of Pod Mods
The Best Vaping Pod System for you may vary based on your needs and what you find attractive.  For some vapers looks arent as important as battery life and construction that will last a long time.  Even though vape pods are rechargeable and refillable, you might find yourself in a position where you want something larger and more durable than a compact system. 
Pods range in many shapes and sizes that have different purposes. But no matter what, one thing that will always remain the same and that is how simple but wonderful they are to use.