Quick Vaping Question: Is it Perfectly Fine to Be Vaping Freebase and Salt-Based E-Juices Simultaneously?

Remember when the vaping industry first began, and we were incredibly limited when it came to how we could enjoy our e-liquid? Nowadays, there are many vaping styles out there, with each one requiring its own unique vaping system, output levels and even nicotine type. This means that vapers can really customize their vaping experience to satisfy their highly unique needs.
With so many different ways to vape these days, many vapers find that they enjoy more than one style, and like to change them up depending on their mood. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many vapers ask us if it’s okay to vape both salt-based nicotine e-liquids and freebase e-juices simultaneously – meaning that they carry around both a pod system with salt nic juice, and a sub-ohm setup with freebase juice, and enjoy both at various times throughout the day.
So, is this actually okay to do? Well, you’re about to find out.

Yes, You Can Enjoy Both Kinds of Nicotine
The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying both types of nicotine. Freebase nicotine is associated with sub-ohm vaping setups, and gives us a more subtle nicotine hit, but allows us to blow big, beautiful clouds. Salt nic e-liquids come in pod systems, and they give us a stronger nicotine potency per puff. It’s understandable that vapers like being able to enjoy both kinds of vaping experiences. If this applies to you, you can certainly vape both types of e-liquids as you wish throughout the day, depending on what your needs are at any given time.

Mixing the Two E-Liquids Together in One Tank or Cartridge is a Bad Idea
Be aware, however, that you shouldn’t blend together salt nic and freebase nic e-liquids into the same atomizer. While it’s true that many of today’s open pod systems take both kinds of nicotine, they should never be mixed together in the same cartridge. Each type of nicotine requires its own coil resistance level, which means that you’ll never be able to enjoy either when combined together. Simply stick to one type of nicotine at a time, kept in its own appropriate atomizer, and you’ll be good to go.

Experience Some Vaping Bliss with Both Options
As you can see, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy both your freebase and salt nic vape juices at the same time, as long as each type of e-liquid is in its own respective vaping system. We know that each type of e-liquid and its respective setup has something unique to offer. So, feel free to get your cloud-chasing game on with your sub-ohm system, while also enjoying those quick puffs of powerful nicotine with your pod mod kit.