How to Practice Proper Vape Battery Safety

Do you replace your batteries for vaping too often? Are you looking to avoid having to buy too many batteries for your vape mod? The problem may lie in how you take care and use your batteries.
More than 10.8 million adults in the United States use e-cigarettes and vape. As the popularity of vape devices began to rise, more units and models came out in the market. Different batteries also came out to match certain mods.
One of the most overlooked practices of vape users is basic battery safety practice. Below, we've got some vape battery safety tips for you to follow.

1. Use the Right Batteries for Your Vape
A common beginner vaping mistake is to assume that any battery will fit your vape mod. For the sake of your Mod, don't ever believe this is the case.
It is essential to understand that there are two types of vaping batteries:
·Mods: generally need a rechargeable and replaceable battery cell to operate),
·Pen styled batteries: usually, have a built-in battery cell, and are ready to use. An excellent example of these is the Kangertech Evod Batteries, which also have many safety features built-in.
If your Mod or Pen battery has a built-in battery, then you have to make sure it's output is suitable for the tank, and more specifically, the coil you are using. How do you know? The best way is always to follow the manufacturer's recommendations found in the user manual.
If your Mod or Pen styled battery needs rechargeable battery cells, then you have to be very careful, selecting the cells that will appropriately power the device.
Every vape mod or unit has a different need to work the right way, and there are different form factors models: 18650, 21700, etc. which refer to its size. But there is more to choosing the right battery than selecting the correct size. You must select the cell that can withstand the power demand of the specific Mod. Here is where things can get complicated, these other specs are related to the cell output in terms of its capacity to discharge. The wise thing to do is to follow the exact manufacturer recommendation.
Some batteries, despite having the same "form factor," aren't even made to use for vaping at all.
Research on the batteries recommended for your device, and never use battery cells that do not conform to the manufacturer specifications.

2. Should I discharge the battery completely before recharging?
Almost all batteries for vaping on the market are lithium-ion batteries, and most Li-Ion batteries have no memory. When a battery has memory, it is recommended to let it drain completely and then charge it fully to reset its memory and maximize its capacity. But when the battery has no memory, it does not matter because the battery will use whatever charge is left and will recharge whatever capacity it possibly can.

3. Use Married Batteries
Do you use a vape mod that needs more than one battery? If you are, the safest practice for your vape is to keep them married. By that, we mean you should always use the same pair.
Don't pair them up with a different type of battery. Don't pair old cells with new ones, even if it's of the same kind. Pairing different types of battery cells may create problems with your Mod, and it may not work correctly.
You want the cells to get the same charges/discharges. Also, keeping them together helps delay imbalances in capacity and performance. Married batteries should have the same voltage output.

4. Avoid Damaged or Counterfeit Batteries
Using anything that's already damaged isn't right. It's the same with batteries for your vape mod. Always check your batteries before you use them.
Check for faults like frayed wrappings. You may also notice that your batteries aren't keeping the charge, or it loses its charge too fast or too soon. In this case, throw your battery away in a safe manner. Rechargeable batteries can be recharged usually between 300 to 500 times, depending on the brand and type. After a set amount of recharges, it needs to be disposed.
Another point of vape battery safety is to use legitimate batteries. Buy your vape batteries from reputable vendors. While authentic batteries can be a little pricey, your safety is worth the small fee.

5. Protect Your Vape and Batteries from Extreme Temperatures
Be aware of the weather around you. Don't leave your batteries in any place that has extreme temperatures. It can damage your battery and later lead to explosions.
Anywhere that is too hot will strain your batteries. They then start to age faster and vent. If you place the batteries in places with hot temperatures, it takes a toll on their capacity.
Store them in a cool, dry place that's hidden away from the sun. Your car's glove compartment is not the right place since the temperature there can rise too high. If you live in a chilly area, get an insulated lunch cooler for your vape and batteries.
The ideal temperature for your batteries is between 50 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Don't Leave Your Batteries Charging Unattended
Li-Ion batteries can explode if not used correctly. One probable cause of the explosion is using the wrong charger. Always use a good quality charger that has built-in safety features, and even better if it is an intelligent charger that has the auto-detect capability.
No matter what the Mod, don't leave your batteries to charge unattended. Keep an eye on them when they're charging and never leave them to charge during your sleep.

7. Use a Dedicated Battery Charger
Some mods allow you to charge your batteries while they're inside the Mod. However, a better practice is to use an external charger. Practice battery safety by getting a dedicated charger for your batteries.
Dedicated smart chargers have features that display battery data like how much more charge it needs. They also have features that can track the health of your batteries. If you want a simple charger, you can get one for less than the price of a 60mL bottle of vape juice.
Note that not any charger will do. Make sure that the charger is of high quality.

8. Use a Battery Cell Case for Optimal Vape Battery Safety
Did you know that putting your battery in your pocket or bag can cause an explosion? If it comes in contact with metal objects like coins, it can be hazardous as they can start to discharge and heat up.
Instead, get a plastic battery case, or a silicon wrap for your vape batteries. Protect your battery cells from any wear and tear. Note that you should do this for all battery types, and the type of Mod you have doesn't matter.

Enjoy Your Vape and Stay Safe
That's it for our vape battery safety guide. Your vape batteries are essential pieces of the device to make them work. Take care of them well so you can reduce the risks they pose to you.
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