Open Pod Systems Make Vaping Salt-Based (and Some Freebase) E-Liquids Better

Pod mods clearly aren’t going anywhere, and neither is salt-based nicotine, the type of nicotine that has revolutionized the vaping industry by giving users the ability to satisfy their nicotine cravings with a much stronger and more potent compound.  If you’re considering making the switch to salt nic e-juice and a pod mod system, we’re pretty certain that you won’t regret it, especially if getting that nicotine fix is your main goal.
But, as you may know, the pod mod market isn’t exactly, well, small.  Because this style of vaping has become so enormously popular, more and more companies are releasing wide ranges of pod systems that are each unique in their own way.  So, how can you tell which one is best suited for your unique vaping needs?
The one thing that you have to decide up front is whether you wish to use an open or a closed pod system.  While closed pod systems have their perks, mainly because they’re the more user-friendly of the two, we can’t state enough that open pod systems are capable of delivering more vaping satisfaction overall. 

Open Pod Systems vs. Closed Pod Systems: What’s the Difference?
The difference between open and closed pod systems is pretty simple.  Closed pod systems are systems that consist of the mod and a pre-filled pod cartridge.  In other words, the pod cartridge has been pre-filled with e-liquid.  This means that all that the user has to do is throw out the empty pod cartridge and snap a new one into place.
Closed pod systems utilize pods that are made by the same manufacturer that made the device.  Typically, replacement pods come in a small variety of flavors.
Meanwhile, open pod systems consist of the pod mod and a pod cartridge that arrives empty and can be refilled several times with vape juice.  This means that the user can choose any salt nic e-liquid and pour it into their pod cartridge.

Open Pod Systems Keep Getting More and More Advanced
Closed pod systems are relatively simple vaping setups.  However, open pod systems are a bit more advanced, and so, more and more companies are creating open systems that come with extremely unique and advanced features including temperature control, adjustable airflow and more.

Ways in Which Open Pod Systems Promote a More Satisfying Vaping Experience
Now that you know how open pod systems and closed pod systems differ from each other, let’s discuss the ways in which open systems are considered superior to closed systems, depending on your vaping preferences.

You’ll Almost Definitely Save Money
One huge advantage is that you’ll very likely save money.  See, pre-filled replacement pods cost more per milliliter than salt nic e-liquid that’s in a bottle.  This means that you’re inevitably spending more money on vape juice when you’re using a closed pod system.  Now, those refillable pod cartridges that come with open pod systems do need to be replaced regularly, but you’ll still save more money overall when using this type of pod mod setup.

You Can Choose from Any Salt Nic E-Liquid Flavor That’s on the Market
One of the very best things about vaping is that we can enjoy a wide range of flavors, right?  I mean, in what other way can we treat ourselves to cupcakes, candies, tobacco and more without feeling any guilt whatsoever?
As we said, with closed pod systems, you’re basically stuck with the small number of flavors that are produced by the brand that made your pod mod.  However, with open pod systems, that refillable pod cartridge can be filled with any salt nic e-liquid that’s out there.  As you probably know, there are thousands of different salt nic flavors on the market today.  This means that you can pretty much vape any flavor that you’d like.

You Have More Mods to Choose from
Closed pod systems, as we stated earlier, are fairly simple setups, and therefore, there aren’t too many ways to improve upon them.  This means that there isn’t a crazy amount of them on the market today.  However, open pod systems allow for a wider range of designs, features and styles.  This means that if you go with an open pod system, you’ll be able to choose from a much larger variety of systems that are on the market today. 

You’ll Be Able to Use More Advanced Features
Like we said, open pod systems tend to offer a wider variety of advanced features.  If you’re a vaper who used to use sub-ohm systems, you’ll probably enjoy the fact that an open pod system offers many customizable options.  These days, open pod systems are almost as advanced as conventional box mods, allowing you to play around with a wide range of output settings and more.

You Might be Able to Enjoy Freebase Nic E-Liquids Too
Lastly, many of today’s open pod systems allow you to use both freebase nic and salt nic e-liquids because of their unique coil compatibilities.  So, if you like being able to switch between both types of nicotine, an open pod system that offers this feature is absolutely the way to go.

Open Pod-Based Vaping is the Way to Go!
As you can see, open pod systems have a whole lot to offer compared to closed pod systems.  Whichever type of system you choose, of course, is ultimately up to you.  However, if you want to save money, enjoy a wider selection of flavors and advanced features, an open system is undoubtedly the way to go.