Main Settings All Vapers Should Be Aware of When Using TC Box Mods

For lots of vapers, the biggest goal is to be able to completely customize one’s vaping experience. This means that they can control everything from the quality of the flavor to the output level, as well as the quality of their clouds, the intensity of their throat hit, the longevity of the battery and the unique coil design.

For vapers who care about customization, there’s temperature control. Temperature control, commonly referred to as TC, is a style of vaping that’s more advanced than what most are used to. TC vaping is most often used with box mods that have high output capabilities.
TC vaping isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires some serious technological knowledge, caution and patience when it comes to finding your sweet spot. To put it in simple terms, it’s about using different temperatures to create different vaping qualities. It also involves using different types of wires to accommodate different temperatures.

If you want to get into TC vaping, the most important thing is that you know the terminology. The terminology associated with TC vaping involves the settings on your mod. Therefore, knowing what these important terms mean will help you be able to adjust your settings properly for a satisfying vape, as well as a safe one.

Temperature Mode
The first setting that you’ll encounter is temperature mode. This is one of the output modes available on your mod. Wattage mode is the other setting that’s very common, but many other modes exist as well, especially when it comes to more advanced setups. By choosing temperature mode, you can begin setting up your device so that you can enjoy temperature control vaping.

The next thing to know is the specific temperature. In other words, this setting allows you to set the exact temperature by the degree. This requires some trial and error as there is no particular temperature that is objectively better than others, and the temperature that’s best suited for your setup has to do with the e-liquid you’re vaping, the coil you’re using and more. Always adjust your temperature in increments for the best results.

TCR refers to temperature coefficient of resistance, and this directly involves your coils. TC vapers can use a small variety of coil materials, which refer to the particular metals from which the coils were constructed. When you go through the TCR settings, you’ll find a number of different coil metals listed, most often abbreviated. Choose the TCR setting that applies to the coil that you’ll be using to vape. And, make sure that it’s a metal material that’s compatible with your vaping setup, as not every box mod system allows for every type of metal.

Coil Resistance Level
Lastly, we have the coil resistance level. The relationship between your resistance level and the temperature you’re vaping at is extremely important and determines most aspects of your overall vaping experience. Make sure that you’re using a coil resistance level compatible with your mod, as failing to do so can be dangerous. Select the resistance level, and you’re finally on your way to TC vaping.

These Settings Can Have a Real Impact on Your Vape Sessions
If you want to embrace the world of TC vaping, you have to know the basic terms as they must be known as you adjust your settings. TC vaping requires some extra caution, and you can only know how cautious to be by understanding your settings fully.