Draw-Activated Pod Devices Have Come a Long Way

Remember when draw-activated pod devices first came out? Just a couple of years ago, these devices were extremely simple, featuring very limited technology and low output levels. As a result, the vaping world became divided among those who desired high-power, fully customizable vaping systems, and those looking for as simple of a device as possible. But now those lines have become blurred as pod kits have become stunningly advanced, meaning that both experienced users and beginners can enjoy them thoroughly.

Higher Output Levels
One thing that we are very happy to see is higher output levels. A lot of pod mods now allow you to explore different wattages so that you can decide how powerful you want those vaping sessions to be. The higher the wattage, the more vapor you can enjoy, which is something that many vapers seek out.

Compatibility with Different Types of Nicotine
We couldn’t be more thrilled to see that a lot of draw-activated pod systems allow users to easily choose between salt nic and freebase nic vape juice, as this allows them to enjoy both an MTL vape and a sub-ohm vaping experience. The key to producing a vaping system like this is allowing users to try out two different coil configurations – one that is suited for one type of vaping style, and one for another. This allows the user to switch between pod cartridges or replaceable coils with incredible ease.

Temperature Control Options
Temperature control is a very popular feature of sub-ohm box mod kits, and now it’s made its way into the pod universe as well. With temperature control, we can exercise better control over many aspects of our vapes, including flavor strength, throat hit and cloud production. TC pod systems allow users to really customize their vapes according to what it is that they want out of their sessions.

Various Output Modes
A lot of newer draw-activated pod devices come with a plethora of output modes, just like the more advanced box mods that we’re used to. These output modes are just as innovative as the ones that we see with the more technologically robust devices, and it’s yet another way that vapers can personalize their experience.

A Wider Variety of Designs
Of course, aesthetics matter as well, and the draw-activated pod mod industry has responded by giving us a wide array of unique designs. For one thing, pod systems now come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Further, they allow us to choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials.

More Reliable Technology
As pod mods have become increasingly advanced, the technology has become more reliable. This is important for anyone who vapes regularly throughout the day. Gone are the flimsy materials and confusing error warnings, as companies have found ways to ensure that their pod systems are built to last for a long time to come.

Larger Juice Capacities
An advancement that is often overlooked is the fact that many pod devices now come with cartridges that boast larger e-juice capacities. This means that we can enjoy our vaping sessions for longer before we have to refill.

Grab a Draw-Activated Pod Mod Today!
If you’re in the market for a pod device that’s draw-activated, know that you have more options to choose from than ever before. With so many options available, you’ll almost definitely find one that totally suits your highly specific needs. At The Vape Mall, we offer a wide array of advanced as well as user-friendly options for vapers of all backgrounds.