Learn to Mix E-Liquids – DIY

Have you ever thought about mixing your e-liquid on your own? Then this is the right guide for you. But before we start, let’s talk about what e-liquid entails.

There are a lot of misconceptions about e-liquid, some people believe that e-liquid is different from e-juice and vape juice. No, they mean the same thing. Let’s then get to the definition of e-liquid or whatever you wish to call it.

E-liquid, which is also known as e-juice and vape juice, is a liquid that is converted by an e-cig into vapor. There is a whole lot of e-liquid that there is a plus there are various vaping that requires a different type of vape juice. Now let’s take a look at e-liquid ingredients. 

E-liquid ingredients
So you might be thinking what the heck is an E-liquid ingredient or you might have heard people talk about vape pen flavours and vape concentrates. Any which way let’s talk about it.
Propylene Glycol: This is also referred to as PG in the vaping community. It is found in our everyday product, starting from toothpaste to shampoo to medication and lots more.

Vegetable Glycerin: It is also known as VG. VG is a thick viscous liquid that is extracted from palm plants. However, there are various ways to get vegetable glycerin, but the primary source is the palm plant.
E-liquid Flavors: These flavours are always food-grade. However, not all food-grade will work in vape concentrates, e.g. some ingredients are not suitable for vaporization.

Nicotine: They are considered to be an addictive substance, but this isn’t necessary. You can add if you want to.

With that said, let’s get into the details of mixing your e-liquid by yourself. 

Steps by step process of mixing your e-liquid
With many people getting into the market of doing it yourself (DIY) e-liquid making, I will walk you through an easy step by step guide to make your e-liquid from scratch.

Step 1: What will you need

·        Propylene Glycol
·        Vegetable Glycerin
·        Nicotine (handle with caution)
·        Flavouring
·        A Measuring Jug
·        Syringes
·        Gloves (for handling Nicotine)
·        Empty bottles

You can get all that’s listed above from e-liquid vendors.

Step 2: Caution
It should be noted that Nicotine has to be handled with utmost care. Please make sure you are on a glove when using Nicotine and if there is any spillage on your body, make sure you wash them thoroughly. If you feel unwell after this, make sure you visit a hospital.

Another thing I will love to add is that if you have never been a smoker, I will advise you to leave Nicotine out of your mixes, remember I said it isn’t compulsory.

Step 3: Calculate your ingredients

Now you are ready to do it yourself,

1.    I will advise you to use this calculator so that you can know the number of ingredients needed.
2.    Various E liquids brands have their spec, but for this article, I will make a 30ml that has a nicotine strength of 36ml. PG and VG are 70% and 30% respectively, and 5% E-liquid flavour.

Does this look too complicated for you; you don’t need to worry about yourself. Just click on the link above, and everything becomes easy.

So, in this example, you will need Nicotine juice of 36 mg, which is 100% PG and approximately 13ml, PG diluent of 6.17ml, VG diluent of 9ml and flavour of 1.5ml.  

Step 4: Making your E-liquid

·        Since we know the number of ingredients we are using now, let’s get started.
·        Put on your rubber gloves.
·        Fill up your syringe and put the PG and VG into an empty bottle.
·        Add the flavour and Nicotine (make sure these are added in last)
·        Once you are done adding them in the bottle, put the lid and give it a thorough shake

Note: You can leave it for a while to cool, but some people vape their E-liquid instantly

You should know that your vaping devices range from E-cigarette which can be used for your E-cigarette liquid, vape pens and other advanced equipment. Vape pens flavours are numerous, and it depends on which one you are using.