8 Amazing Vape Trick That Makes you Look Like a Pro

For the average vaper, having a few tricks up the sleeves can transform a vaping session into an art form. Though you can pick up a few tricks by sticking around the vaping scene for a long time, learning from experience can be challenging and gruesome. So for those who want to look cool and perform some eye-catching maneuvers like blowing smoke rings in no time, this post got you covered. 

Here, you’ll learn eight simple vape tricks guaranteed to turn heads and make you look like a pro at parties and occasions. So if you’re ready to impress, continue reading. 

8 Awesome Vape Trick You Can Master

1.The Dragon

Though many consider the dragon trick a bit complicated at first glance, it isn’t if you know what to do. It all depends on practice and your device. With a few reps and mods like the water bong, you can become known as a vapor-breathing beast in a matter of weeks. Simply blow your cloud through four areas: 

·The two corners of your mouth
·Both nostrils

You only need to keep the middle part of both lips firmly shut as you exhale. And this is the part that may require some repetition to get right since vapor will be escaping through your nostrils and corners of your mouth.  

2.The Ghost Inhale
Though it looks very cool, this is an easy trick to master once you get the hang of it. It helps to perform more advanced tricks too. The Ghost inhale requires that you inhale with a long draw on your vape. Hold the vapor for a few seconds and exhale it slowly. Then suck the cloud back in immediately as it leaves your mouth. You may not get it right on your first try. However, it’s a mesmerizing trick once you get it right.  

3.French Inhale

Yet another cool trick to have in your toolbox, it takes only a few steps to learn. First, you begin it as the Ghost inhale. You take a long draw on your vape and hold the vapor in your mouth for 3-5 seconds. Next, you need to open your mouth slightly while inhaling the vapor via your nostrils. It should give you an exhilarating feeling as you exhale the cloud through your nostrils into a large cloud. You can check out the best online vape shop to get the best deals and reap all the benefits.

4.The Rings
Perhaps this is one of the most popular tricks among ‘cloud blowers’. However, not all vapers can perform it. To pull it off, just take a hit and keep the cloud behind your throat. Then position your tongue at the base of your mouth and move it closer to the back of your throat. Next, curl your tongue into an “O” shape and blow the vapor out in small clouds. This gives you little ring clouds.

Did you know your cloud can form one of the strongest shapes that occur in nature? The triangle trick does just that. As complicated as this may sound, you only need to slowly take in a hit and blow out your cloud as usual. Once done, gently tap one side of your cloud and step back. Your cloud will slowly become a rounded triangle. It’s simple, yet no walk in the park because this trick requires patience and timing to get right.

6.The Jellyfish
The jellyfish is among some of the most advanced tricks that you can perform. However, this is where some of the previously mentioned tricks you’ve picked up will come in handy. You know you’ve done it correctly when your cloud looks like a jellyfish moving in its natural habitat. First, blow a big ring, and use your hand to push it, slowly blow another cloud through the center of the first one. Then relax and watch for yourself.  

7.The Tornado
Yet another cool trick, the tornado, is common but still tricky to execute. To get started, you’ll have to find a very flat surface. Position your mouth at the level of your surface and gradually blow a thick cloud over it. Then place your hand in the cloud on your flat surface and quickly raise it. You should notice a small tornado forming after raising your hand from the cloud if you did all the steps correctly.  

8.The Bane Inhale

How about looking like the villain from The Dark Knight Rises? This trick makes the cloud form around your mouth and nose like Bane’s mask. You only need to follow the steps of the French inhale but position your lower front teeth firmly over your top lip. The vapor coming out should resemble the mask of Bane. 

You can expect the best results with vape juices high in vegetable glycerin. Also, you’ll need to make some adjustments to your vape device. This is because these eight tricks outlined above require you to inhale and blow out copious amounts of cloud. 

Therefore, you’ll need to use the right juice and device such that you won’t experience excessive throat hits each time you try. In place of throat hit, your device should deliver a large cloud size. Finally, the nicotine content should also be minimal, if not zero, to prevent dizziness. Now feel free to show off!