JUUL Vapes Explained – Why Are They So Popular?-Find out about JUUL and what makes it so popular with adult smokers.

JUUL has become a popular alternative for adult smokers to move away from combustible cigarettes. But just why has this brand become so popular? I’m going to take a look at a couple of those reasons below.

What Is A JUUL?
JUUL is a compact electronic cigarette that uses prefilled pods called JUULpods (or JUUL Pods). The pods are filled with a nicotine salt e-liquid available in various flavours to suit personal preference.

JUUL is designed to help adult smokers transition away from combustible cigarettes. It is easy to use and helped popularise the vape pod market since its introduction in 2015. A JUUL starter kit is comprised of three things:

As mentioned, the JUULpods are prefilled with a nic salt e-liquid, which is available in multiple flavours to help people choose something that is right for them.

Each JUUL Pod fits into the top of the battery, and has a clear viewing window to easily see how much e-liquid remains inside. The starter kit comes with 4 different flavours to get started, including traditional tobacco and mint flavours, in addition to sweet fruit flavours.

JUULpods are the only thing you need to keep replacing, and are sold in packs of 4. A JUUL Pod subscription is also available on our website for convenient monthly deliveries to your door.

JUUL Battery
The battery has a 280mAh capacity and it activated by inhaling on the device. An LED light indicates remaining battery life, which can be checked at any time by tapping the battery twice.

Charging connectors are at the bottom and there are no cables to insert to charge. Pods can be quickly inserted into the top of the battery for easy replacements.

USB Charging Dock
The USB charging dock has a magnetic connection. This removes the need to carry wires around, resulting in more efficient charging.

Why Is It So Popular?
JUUL has become popular due to its ease of use and readily available replacement parts. It was also one of the first companies to introduce prefilled pods to the vape market.

Adult smokers saw an opportunity to transition from smoking, and many chose this brand to do so. In a short space of time, it quickly became the most popular vape kit in the USA.

It is also a reliable and compact device, which appeals to a lot of new vapers. It isn’t bulky and doesn’t take up much space in day-to-day life.

Other vape companies have tried to imitate the success of this brand, but most have been met with limited success. It is clear that JUUL is here to stay and will be supported by vapers in the years to come.

Debuting in 2018, the brand quickly saw success in the UK market. Adult smokers seized the chance to use this alternative to traditional cigarettes and its user base has continued to grow.

Stocked in various outlets, including supermarkets and fuel forecourts, it has become a go-to brand thanks to the convenience offered and easy availability of replacements.

Despite minimal advertising due to TRPR regulations, JUUL has built a solid foundation in the UK vape market, and will undoubtedly see continued growth as more and more people discover the convenience it offers compared to other vape devices.

The Electronic Cigarette Company was one of the first online vape stores to stock JUUL in the UK. A full range of products are available, including unique offerings such as subscription for those who prefer to get monthly deliveries without having to order online each time.