Does Nicotine Keep You Awake At Night?

How Vaping Effects Your Sleep?
Simply put, yes nicotine does affect sleep. This is something vapers have to deal with when transitioning from smoking, however this will start to lessen over time. In this blog we will take a look at how nicotine impacts your sleep. Plus we go through the ways you can avoid vaping keeping you up at night.

The Relationship Between Nicotine And Sleep
When switching from smoking to vaping, although you are cutting out the toxic chemicals from smoking one of the ingredients that is still in vape juice is nicotine. This is a stimulant and will therefore have a similar affect to having an energy drink full of caffeine before trying to sleep.

Although you may be used to having a cigarette before bed and having no issue falling straight to sleep, the hit from vaping can be much stronger. This will be much more noticeable when first transitioning to vaping and will require an adjustment period even if you are used to having nicotine before sleeping.

According to studies, nicotine supresses the deepest level of sleep know as REM (rapid eye movement). As a result of this smokers feel less rested than non-smokers due to spending longer in the earliest stages of sleep. Withdrawal symptoms during the night can also disturb sleep.

How You Can Improve Sleep As A Vaper
There are a few ways you can manage your vape to improve your sleep. The first is controlling the nicotine strengths of your e-liquid. switching to a lower strength vape juice will also decrease the stimulation from the nicotine.

However, switching to a lower strength may result in you requiring more vape juice a day to kick your cravings. A good way to manage this is to use stronger e-liquid earlier in the day, then switch to lower strength vape juice in the evening. Even switching to a 0% nicotine e-liquid before bed will help and still provide the sensation of vaping without the nicotine stimulation.

There are other aspects of your lifestyle that affect the quality of your sleep. If you drink lots of drinks that contain caffeine this will also keep you up at night. Reducing the amount of sugary and caffeinated drinks you consume will help to reduce the number of stimulants in the body.

If you no longer require nicotine in your e-liquid to keep you away from cigarettes then switch to a 0% vape juice. Vape liquid with zero nicotine can still provide the same sensation of vaping but without the hit. Plus, their will be no stimulant to keep you awake.