Internal Battery-Powered Mods vs. External Battery-Powered Mods

When it comes to choosing a mod to complete your vaping setup, there are a host of things to consider. We tend to occupy ourselves with choosing the best wattage capabilities, size, special features, and looks. There is, however, another factor that matters a whole lot, which is the type of battery that’s powering the device. Still, you’re probably wondering which mod type is actually better to use.

Internal Batteries
When we talk about mods with internal batteries, we’re referring to mods that have a battery built into the device, which is never removed. Also referred to as an “integrated battery”, this type of system is more common among pod mods, although we’re starting to see it in box mod devices as well. Internal batteries were also used in the very first e-cigarettes to hit the market over a decade ago.

·üFaster Charging: Generally, mods that have internal batteries charge faster. But, this is mainly the result of these batteries having lower capacities to external batteries, and therefore requiring less time to reach a full charge.

·üEasier Charging: With internal battery-powered mods, you can charge quickly and easily by simply plugging your charging cable into the type-C charging port on the device, rather than having to manually remove the batteries, fit them into an external charger and wait for them to charge fully before installing them again.

·üNo Need to Carry an External Charger: External batteries require an entirely separate charging device which is usually not all that portable. With internal battery-powered mods, you just need to have your charging cable with you, and a far smaller charger that plugs into a wall outlet or USB port.

·üNo Maintenance Required: No need to be maintained or cleaned regularly as they’re not exposed to the potential of juice gunk which can coat the connections.

·ØWhen the Battery Goes, the Mod Goes: With an internal battery-powered mod, when the battery does eventually die, the entire mod goes with it, and needs to be completely replaced.

·ØNot as Powerful: Internal batteries don’t have the extremely high capacities found in standard lithium-ion external batteries. Therefore, the wattages they can provide are lower, and they tend to require more frequent charging in many cases.

External Batteries
External batteries are associated with the larger and more powerful box mod devices, allowing these mods to reach extremely high wattage levels. They’re lithium-ion batteries such as 18650, 20700, and 21700 models, and are purchased separately from the mod, being installed into the battery compartment.

·üReplaceable: With external batteries, they can be replaced independently of the mod. In other words, when the batteries do die, you don’t need to buy a whole new mod, but simply buy new batteries. These batteries are universally compatible with standard box mods, so you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect model for your specific device.

·üPowerful: External batteries can hold a lot more capacity, which allows them to both last longer and reach far higher output levels than the mods that use internal batteries.

·üVaried: With external batteries, you can select the battery that you prefer rather than having to stick to the one that comes with the device. While 18650 batteries are standard for many mods, the larger 20700 and 21700 types are compatible with many of today’s devices, offering a higher capacity. You can also choose the precise battery manufacturer whose products you prefer.

·üRequires More Effort to Charge: With external batteries, they take slightly more effort to keep charged. They must be manually removed from the mod’s battery compartment, loaded into a separate charging device, and then placed back into the battery compartment of the mod once a full charge has been achieved. Because they require a separate charging device, this can make the charging process less easy to execute when you’re not at home.

·üCharges More Slowly: In most instances, external batteries require more time to reach a full charge. This is expected, since the more capacity a battery has, the longer it will take to charge that full capacity.

Which Type of Battery-Powered Mod is Right for You?
This is pretty simple, as it just comes down to your personal vaping preferences. If your main concern is power, then you’ll likely find yourself desiring a mod that uses external batteries. If portability and user-friendliness are your main priorities, then you’ll likely find that a mod that uses an internal battery offers the ideal setup for your needs.