6 Helpful Vape Pen Mouthpiece Tips For Better Vaping

Whether you are a cannabis veteran or a novice, you know how vape mouthpiece tips are crucial in a vaping setup. They aren’t fancy components, but their presence can make your vaping sessions worthwhile. These vape mouth tips are the top part of the vaporizer that you place in your mouth to inhale those delectable rips. Moreover, they are the passageways through which dense, flavorful vapors go directly into your mouth. However, unexpected problems might erupt while smoking. Therefore, you should be well-equipped with knowledge so you can fix these issues effortlessly.

Our informative and troubleshooting guide on vape pen mouthpieces will ensure that you enjoy your smoking session to your fullest. Here are 6 tips and advice that will become your lifesaver.

1. Efficiently Use the Mouthpiece to Avoid Becoming Too Hot
Excessive heating of your drip tip is inevitable when you use your vape pen at high power or for an extended period. The most notorious ones are stainless steel or dry herb vaporizers.

What happens is that when you are vaping, your product turns into vapors once the coil heats up. Thus, the heat transfers to other vaporizer’s parts and causes the mouthpiece to become hot.

So what are the quick fixes for this issue? Firstly, use the vape cart efficiently and only allow it to heat when you are actively using it. The less the vape pen heats, the minimum heat transfer will occur. Moreover, if your vape cartridge has become very hot, you should replace it with the other one. Several brands are currently offering replacement mouthpieces that you can buy. 

2. Vape Pen Mouthpiece Cover Is A Must
What are these rubber sleeves or covers for the drip tip? It is a superb tool that you can use to prevent your cartridge from becoming extremely hot.
Furthermore, this affordable vape mouthpiece cover is crafted from rubber or silicone. Thus, it does not transfer heat easily. What else? They are straightforward to clean, and you can use them on various vaporizers such as Box Mod Vape pens, Dry Herb Vaporizers, etc.

3. Carefully Check the Mouthpiece When Getting No Draws or Vapors
Several users experience this problem when they fire up the device to inhale. Multiple reasons can cause this issue.

Firstly, check for a clogged mouthpiece. This can be the main culprit here if you use a dry herb vaporizer. You only have to unclog it by cleaning its mesh screen.

Secondly, ensure that the vapor path is free of debris. The lingering debris pieces often create this issue. Next, check for the vape pen heating chamber. You may have packed dry herb extremely tight so remove a little bit of product to resolve the issue.

Lastly, check battery life. Charge your vaping device if the battery’s low to increase the potency.

4. Clean Stubbornly Clogged Mouthpiece with a Wire Brush
Unclog these vaporizer components to avoid lackluster and humdrum vaping sessions!

Herb particles can clog up the drip tip and can block the vape pen’s vapor path. However, they are quite easier to unclog than oil or wax pens.

To remove the dry particles, use a wire brush to scrape debris from the mesh screen, and opt for a pipe cleaner to clean the vapor path. However, if you are a fan of oil or wax vape pens, you can unclog them by a different method, like using a paper clip. Since these products solidify, the pipe cleaner might not clean efficiently. Therefore, you can switch on your device; the transference of heat will melt the product down; thus, unclogging it. Furthermore, if you want to circumvent such situations, store your oil or wax upright and do not overfill the heating chambers.

5. Buy Another Replacement Mouthpiece When It Is Cracked or Defective
All terrific things come to an end, and the same is the case with a mouthpiece. The drip tips eventually wear off and crack. Moreover, they degrade earlier if you constantly use your vape pen at high temperatures and later place them at low temperatures. The constant expansion and contraction cause bumps or cracks to appear on the drip tip.

Do you think a broken mouthpiece calls for a brand-spanking-new vaporizer? Not at all! Replacements are available at an economical cost. You only have to replace the broken one with a new one. Always keep a spare drip tip with you for uninterrupted vaping sessions!

6. Compare Pictures to Locate Correct Replacement Mouthpieces
Your vape pen might support one kind of mouthpiece or can be compatible with universal ones. So how will you know which one will fit best?

You can compare your vape pen mouthpiece to other drip tips pictures or visit the spare parts shop that sells individual vaporizer components by model and make. If you’re still unsure, it is better to go through your vape pen manufacturer instructions.

That’s it! These were all the tips we wanted to share. Happy Vaping!