Innokin T22  A Good Choice For Beginners
It’s superb – It fits perfectly in my hand and the powder coated finish (I think that’s what is is) lends to a super smooth feel making it a pleasure to hold. The ‘go faster’ stripes on each side provide a little grip to finish things of.

Not an ‘in your face’ design, the T22 is simple, classy and small enough to slip easily into your pocket.

The firing button is solid and has very little rattle and the USB charging port is featured on the same side, not on the base like so many other e cigarettes. This just allows you to stand your device upright while charging.

The Endura T22 really is a fantastic kit for new vapers. Innokin have created another entry level product that has no menu’s and no variable wattage settings that can create unnecessary confusion with new vapers.

This is set at an optimal 14W power output that works perfectly with the 1.5ohm coils supplied to provide a superb mouth to lung vape with loads of flavour and plenty of vapour.

I have used all singing, all dancing vape mods and still do, but in the two weeks I have been using the Endura T22 I haven’t felt the need to switch back to any of them. This provided a quality vape with absolutely no fuss with the added bonus of being easy to carry about due to the small size.

For me, Innokin have done it again with another solid, quality product and I have no problem in recommending.

The Good

Superb build quality
Easy for new vapers to get the hang of and start using within 10 minutes of opening (be sure to buy e-liquid).
Great battery life
T22 Tank performs very well in both flavour and vapour volume
Coils last a reasonable amount of time
Priced very well for what you get.