I JUST S  ---Ijust2 upgrade version


The eLeaf iJust S Starter Kit is the epitome of the iJust platform, with an upgraded the body and ample battery life to last most vapers all day. The iJust S Starter Kit utilizes a direct output voltage-based system, correlating the battery to the output voltage to bring about a consistent power curve. In simple English, it means that the voltage is always consistent to the atomizer, supplying just the right amount to create one delicious vape.

The iJust S is wider than earlier versions, a full 24.5mm in diameter, and the body is made to be durable and long-lasting. Just a single firing button is provided, no guessing or tweaking of the voltage or wattage, making it an inviting vaporizer for new or advanced vapers.

There is an LED light behind the Fire button to indicate the battery life and basic operation of the iJust battery. There is a MicroUSB charge port on the side that supports 1A charging. Recharging the battery is fast, and simple.

The iJust S Sub-Ohm Tank was built to work perfectly with the battery. The tank is a threaded top-fill making it so simple to refill the 4mL ejuice reservoir.

Using the eLeaf EC Coil system, including the new 0.18ohm SS316 EC Coil, the user can get a wonderful vape with any PG/VG ratio, including MaxVG. The airflow of the iJust tank has been redesigned top to bottom, using dual airflow slots that measure 12mm by 3mm each, along with an optional adjustment throttle with the provided silicone ring.

After receiving our shipment of the iJust S the team began playing with them for a day or two. Everyone loved the simplicity, and were very surprised by the huge amount of clouds it could produce and the pure flavor with the Kanthal coil heads. What happened next was truly surprising…

The next morning, as the crew wandered into the office (a rare occasion when everyone was in town), the iJust S was in everybody’s hand. We talked about a relief from having to spend several minutes finding the right wattage, the right temperature, and other tweaks we seem to be making constantly. It was agreed that the iJust S “just worked”.

So many devices with similar features have been reviewed here in Spinfuel, and many of them did very well in their respective reviews. But this time, even the Joyetech eGo Mega couldn’t reach the performance and flavor that the iJust and iJust sub-ohm tank did.

Bottom Line
Something like the iJust S, a simple battery/body, and a good tank, a grab and go vaporizer, is something all vapers could benefit from. So whether you’re looking for something simple as a NEW vapor (see our Guide for New Vapers), or if you have plenty of sophisticated mods and sub-ohm tanks, the iJust S is a terrific complement to any vaper’s arsenal of gear..