How to solve atomizer leakage issue

Vapers will occasionally encounter oil leakage during the use of vape devices. But we should define the barrel of leakage issue. E-liquid flows out of abnormal channels, such as the outside of the tube gap of the atomizer, and the base of the atomizer, and the outside of the cigarette holder. The normal inhalation of e-liquid does not belong to the range of e-liquid leakage. So  how to deal with the  e-juice leakage?

Due to Atomizer structure 
The structure of the atomizer itself will cause e-liquid leakage. However, the structure of the atomizer is actually quite mature after several years of development. Choose reliable brands to avoid structure reason.

Operational issues
1. When cleaning the atomizer, take a video when disassembling it. Keep a record of how many rubber rings you removed and where they should be reinstalled. 

2. When cleaning the atomizer, do not rinse the rubber ring with hot water. Thermal expansion and contraction will make it lose hermetical.

3. Check whether the coil is installed in the correct position. 

After check above reasons but still have leakage issue, please replace with a new coil.

E-liquid Issues
Filling the e-liquid to tank instead of the middle of the coil.  Generally added to two-thirds or half of the capacity and waiting around 15 minutes until the coil be fully soaked.