How To Keep All Your Devices Clean

With everyone hunkering down and doing their best to enjoy the confines of their home, vaporizers and pipes of all types will be used even more often than before so it is important to keep your devices as clean as possible to not only enhance your sessions but to also have a little peace of mind during a stressful time.

Keeping Your Vaporizer Clean
One of the best ways to keep a vape pen, portable vaporizer, e-nail, or desktop device clean is a simple spot check in between sessions. Small things like fully emptying out the chamber or a quick wipe-down can help your device last longer and provide better functionality. We’ve got a few tips for each device, and be on the lookout for our more comprehensive cleaning guides coming up as well!

Vape Pen and Portable Vaporizer Cleaning Tips
For on-the-go vapers, using the Higher Standards Dot Wipes is an easy and quick way to clean your vape pen or portable device. Wipe your atomizer down after a session and it will taste brand new the next time you load your material. Each Dot Wipe is soaked with just enough isopropyl alcohol to help clean, but not too much to drip.

If your vape pen or portable has a chamber, use a qtip dipped in isopropyl alcohol to swab around the walls of the chamber. Don’t soak the swab too long, as using too much isopropyl alcohol can risk damaging the electrical components. Make sure to let the atomizer completely air dry before re-firing the device.

Caring For Your Desktop Vaporizer or E-Nail
At home users can be a little more picky about when they clean their devices, but should still do routine checkups after a session. Dry herb desktop vaporizer users can always benefit from making sure old dry herb is poked free from attachments or chambers with something like the Higher Standards Pipe Stix. If you enjoy concentrates inside your desktop vape, soaking the concentrate pad (or whatever metal accessory is used to help this process) in some isopropyl alcohol for a half hour and totally air-drying is a good way to clean after sessions.

Despite being the most technologically advanced device we’ve brought up so far, e-nails aren’t too hard to keep clean with good practice. You’ll essentially clean your e-nail the same way someone would clean a vape pen. Make sure your atomizer or bucket is clear, and each session will feel as fresh as it should.

Cleaning Your Glass
Even with the best intentions, it can be hard to keep your favorite bubbler or spoon pipe clean. Those who have a special “daily driver” pipe or rig will have an understandably hard time making sure it is “out of the box” clean every time they want to enjoy their material, but there are some small ways to keep your piece in good shape even with heavy use.

Any dry herb piece should be thoroughly emptied or cleared between each use. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spoon pipe, steamroller, or beaker old material will overtake new material’s taste if not properly cleared. Scraping out your bowl comprehensively each time is one of the easiest ways to maintain a good-tasting dry herb glass pipe.

Concentrate rigs might be the hardest device or product on this list to keep clean, simply for the material they accommodate. It won’t matter the type of concentrate you’re enjoying, it will leave a sticky residue on your banger (or bucket) and rig. Spot cleaning your bucket or banger is the most “front line” small cleaning job you can do for your rig.

Keep An Eye Out For More Cleaning Tips
With all the incoming downtime it’s smart to maintain your devices to not only help your draws taste better but to keep things clean if you’re sharing during sessions. A well maintained vaporizer or pipe is a high-functioning one and given how much downtime you might have coming up, it will be worth it to spot clean every now and then.