E-Juices: 5 Reasons Why Freebase Vapes Quicker than Salt-Based

Deciding to trade in that large box mod setup for a smaller and more manageable pod system is becoming an increasingly popular choice among vapers.  It seems they can’t resist the idea of using a more portable, user-friendly vaping setup while being able to enjoy salt-based nicotine e-juices. This style is relatively new, but it’s quickly taking over the vaping community thanks to its unique advantages over other vape styles.
There are many adjustments to make when switching to a pod mod system.  For one thing, users have to get used to the nicotine salts that are in the e-liquids.  Another thing that new pod mod users will notice is that their vape juice seems to last longer.  In other words, they aren’t having to restock their juice supply nearly as frequently because they just aren’t going through as much juice.  So, why does nic salt seem to last longer than freebase? As you’ll see, there are actually several answers to that question.

Freebase vs. Salt-Based Nicotine: What’s the Real Difference?
First, we have to lay out the key differences between these two different types of nicotine. This will help you better understand why salt-based e-juices will last longer than freebase ones for most vapers.
Salt-based nicotine, also known as nicotine salts,nic salt, or salt nic, is a fairly recent thing in the world of vaping.  Before that, e-liquids strictly contained freebase, a type of nicotine that was created in the 1950s by tobacco companies to be more potent.  Freebase is essentially nicotine that’s extracted from the tobacco leaf and chemically modified to be stronger.
Unfortunately, freebase can feel a bit, well, harsh.  When it’s used in a high-wattage box mod setup, it can burn the throat a bit. That’s why users had to go with super low concentrations of nicotine when using sub-ohm systems.  This low concentration prevented the nicotine from destabilizing and feeling harsh along the throat when inhaled.
Salt-based nic, on the other hand, is a purer form of nicotine, not to mention more stable. It’s taken from the tobacco leaf and combined with an ingredient called benzoic acid.  This combination is perfect for vaping because it allows users to get a nice, potent hit of nicotine while using a low-wattage device, and the hits almost never feel harsh against the throat.

How Fast Can Each Type Vape?
Now that you grasp the way in which freebase differs from salt-based nicotine, it’s time to explain why salt nic e-juices almost always last longer than juices made with freebase nicotine.

Reason #1: Users’ Nicotine Cravings are Satisfied Quicker
As we said above, vapers who wanted to use high-wattage systems had to vape very low concentrations of freebase nicotine to avoid that harshness.  This meant that users weren’t getting a strong amount of nicotine with each puff.  Therefore, they had to take far more puffs in order to satisfy their nicotine cravings.
Now that we have salt-based nicotine, we can enjoy higher nicotine concentrations while using low-wattage systems.  This means that each hit provides a strong blast of nicotine that satisfies most users’ cravings instantly.  As a result, users can feel satisfied after only a couple of hits.  So, naturally, nic salt lovers will go through less e-liquid per vaping session.

Reason #2: Wattage Level of a Pod Mod is Lower Than a Box Mod’s Wattage Level
The high-wattage box mods that most vapers used burn through e-liquid fairly quickly.  That’s because the higher the wattage level, the more liquid is evaporated when a hit is fired.  Sub-ohm vapers who enjoy output levels above 200 watts will likely spend a whole lot of money on juice each week.
Pod systems operate at very low wattages, meaning that not that much e-liquid is getting evaporated when a hit is fired.  Therefore, users aren’t burning through liquid nearly as quickly when using pod mod systems.

Reason #3: Pod Cartridge Coils are Smaller Than Sub-Ohm Tank Compatible Coils
The sub-ohm system gets its name from the sub-ohm coil that’s used in the tank.  These coils contain large, fluffy cotton wicks that absorb a lot of vape juice at a time.  This allows each hit to produce a huge amount of vapor.
Meanwhile, the coils that are in pod cartridges are extremely small, and the wicks tend to be made from skinny fibers.  These fibers don’t hold a lot of e-liquid at a time.  This means that less liquid is being evaporated per puff.

Reason #4: Nicotine Salt E-Liquids Have Less VG (Vegetable Glycerin) Than Freebase Juices
Freebase e-juices often have bases that contain a high amount of VG compared to PG.  This is due to high wattage levels burning PG, an ingredient that’s waterier than VG.  However, because of the thickness of vegetable glycerin, vapers who enjoy high VG will go through juice quicker.
E-liquids made with salt-based nicotine have lower VG levels to accommodate the low wattage levels of pod mods.  This means that the consistency of the -liquid is thinner, and therefore will last longer.

Reason #5: Fans of Nicotine Salts Aren’t Likely Trying to Blow Huge Clouds
Another thing to consider is that for the most part, vapers who have switched to salt-based nic are trying to satisfy their nicotine cravings more than their cloud-related urges. Vapers who are primarily interested in blowing huge clouds are taking much bigger, deeper inhales so that they can let out abundant vapor.  Users who enjoy salt-based nicotine satisfy their needs with much smaller hits.  And, the smaller the hit, the less e-liquid per puff.

Still Comes Down to Personal Vaping Preferences
It’s clear that vapers who enjoy nicotine salts over freebase will likely spend less money on e-liquid over time.  There are several factors that allow users to go through less e-juice when they switch to a pod mod and salt-based nicotine.  If you’re trying to save money, you’ll definitely welcome this change.