How to Choose the Wholesaler for Your Vape Business?

Have you been toying with the idea of starting a vape business but didn’t have enough motivation to take the plunge? 

Well, it might interest you to know that the vaping industry is generally bullish. Stakeholders predict that the industry might be headed for even greater times ahead, with some estimates suggesting that the global vape market might grow to $32.11 billion in 2021.

So, there can never be a better time to launch your vape business than now. 

But as with any startup, you’ll need to find a suitable wholesaler. And that may get you wondering as to what constitutes a great vape wholesaler. 

Here’s a definitive guide on how to choose the right wholesaler for your vape business. 

1.What products do they offer?
The phrase ‘vape products’ can be fluid and ambiguous. As you shall find, there are numerous products that make up vape accessories. 

The e-cig is also known as a vaporizer or vape device, and the vape juice, also known as e-juice or e-liquid. It’s not unusual to find a wholesaler who specializes only in e-cig accessories or e-juices.

So, the conventional wisdom is to inquire about the range of products that a vape pen amazon stocks before choosing them. At the very least, the company should offer a variety of pocket scales with LED screens and tons of other vape accessories, including atomizers, batteries, vape tanks, drip tips, and e-juices.

If possible, go the extra mile and find out the specific vaporizers and vape juices that the wholesaler distributes. That’s because vape devices vary in design and functionality, whereas e-juices also vary in their ingredients.

2.Where are they located?
Geographical location is another primary consideration when choosing a wholesaler for your vape business. Ideally, you’d be more at ease sourcing your vape products from local wholesale companies. 

Buying from local wholesalers comes with numerous perks, including faster delivery periods and low shipping costs. You also enjoy greater customer support, considering that the wholesaler will likely be operating during the same business hours as you. What’s more, your interests as a trader are more protected when dealing with locals than overseas wholesalers. 

However, certain situations may necessitate opting for an overseas wholesaler. For instance, vape products shipped from countries like China tend to be relatively affordable even after factoring in the shipping costs. You have access to a wider variety of products when you source vape accessories from overseas wholesale companies. 

Plus, you’re likely to find globally standardized products when dealing with foreign wholesalers, especially if the vaping accessories are also manufactured in the country where the wholesaler is based. The fact that the products are getting shipped abroad means that manufacturers consider different vapers’ tastes and preferences around the world.

3.What’s their quality assurance?
The vape industry is mostly unregulated. Therefore, there are always risks of spending a fortune only to end up with low-quality products. 

Fortunately, there are different ways you can stay safe from unscrupulous wholesalers trying to take advantage of well-meaning traders. 

The first tip to ensure you’re getting quality vape products is to ask the wholesaler for test results from independent laboratories. This is especially necessary for e-juices. It’s the only way to be sure that the product offered contains the mentioned ingredients and in the right proportions. It’s also prudent to ask the wholesaler for assurance of ISO quality. 

If the wholesaler can’t offer at least one of these proofs, that’s your cue to stop all dealings with them.

4.Do they have an online presence?
According to a 2018 survey, vaping is more prevalent among teens and tweens. Now, a majority of teens and tweens constitute millennials, a demographic known for their penchant for online shopping. So, it makes sense to choose a vaping wholesaler with a website, an e-commerce store, and preferably also a blog and social media presence. 

Now, you could be wondering why this matters. After all, you can simply buy your vape products from a brick-and-mortar company and sell them from your own ecommerce store, right? 

Well, the advancements in e-commerce technology have led to some creative retail fulfillment models like dropshipping. In dropshipping, you don’t necessarily have to stock the products you’re selling. Instead, when clients order the products from your website, you forward their details to wholesalers who ship the products directly to the customer using your shipping information. 

So, if you’re thinking along the lines of a dropshipping vape business, you’ll need to engage a manufacturer with a vibrant online presence. Most importantly, the company must have a solid online reputation.

5.What’s their pricing like?
Even if a manufacturer checks all the boxes in all other areas, they wouldn’t be ideal for you if their products are overpriced. 

You need reasonably priced vape products to earn substantial profit margins. 
Generally, it’s advisable to come up with a list of as many wholesale companies as possible. Thereafter, you can compare their prices across legitimate price comparison websites and settle with the company whose rates are most affordable. 

However, beware of vape wholesalers who offer ridiculously discounted prices, as that could be indicative of potentially low-quality products.