5 Useful Tips to Choose the Right Vaporizer

With the health issues surrounding tobacco smoking, many people are gravitating towards vaping. Old smokers are switching, and many new people consider it as a new hobby. This has opened the door to many investors and stakeholders to consider the production of vaporizers. As a result, in trying to buy a vaporizer, the myriads of choice available could leave you confused. There are uncountable options, both online and offline, making it challenging to select the best choice to suit your needs. 

This post aims to help you narrow down your options to get the ideal match that fits your preference. As long as you know what you want, it will be easy to get the perfect choice from our tips. Here are some tips you need to consider before selecting a vaporizer:

1.Combustion Method
The heating method in your combustion chamber has a notable influence on your vaping experience. 

For vaporizers with conduction, the heating elements directly get in touch with the herb. This is why the bud sometimes turns to brown in some poorly designed device. However, vaporizers with ceramic heating elements conduct heat correctly to maximize vapor production without burning the herbs. This is common in many entry-level vaporizers. 

Many high quality and expensive vaporizers use convection. This involves forcing hot air to flow around the herb. With this, the heating element and the herb do not come in contact, which removes the possibility of burning the herb. Combusting the herb through convection gives a mild and smooth vape without irritation. 

2.Portable or Desktop Vaporizer
This mostly depends on where you desire to vape. A portable vaporizer is the right choice if you want something handy. You can take this on trips to work while traveling or on a night out with your friends. 

On the other hand, a desktop vaporizer is the right choice for people who vape at home alone. They also deliver more robust vape compared to the portable type. Such vaporizers are durable and can last for many years, unlike portable vaporizers. However, desktop vaporizers are not cheap. 

3.Fixed temperature or Temperature Control
You will get pen-shaped vaporizers with preset temperature ranges at affordable prices these days. You do not get to decide the exact vaping temperature. Instead, you get a simplified temperature setting that vapers will select with buttons. You can only vape at the low, medium, and high-temperature setting, which is ideal for the average vaper. 

However, the other type gives you more control over the temperature. This is ideal if you will be vaping some extracts that need extremely high temperature as you get to extract the full constituent and aroma. Other herbs are better vaped at low temperatures, lower than what the vape pen offers. 

The sole determining factor for many people is the price. The good news is that there are various options for every price range.

Low Budget
There are entry-level portable vapes for people with a limited budget. Take your time to read reviews before selecting a vaporizer at this price range. Vapes in this range will use conduction as the combustion method without many features.

Medium Budget
A budget of $300 or more enlarges your options. Also, this price range should give you what you need to get by and enjoy vaping. You will not be limited to conduction vaping alone. Besides, you get to enjoy dry buds and concentrate vaping. With a high budget, you will get desktop vapes to satisfy your needs. 

5.Battery Size and Resistance
Batteries power vaporizers and heat the resistance and the e-liquid, which turns it to vapor. As the vapor passes to the throat, it gives the user the satisfaction they crave. Vaporizer batteries come in various sizes, which determine the runtime. A 650mAh battery, for instance, will run for approximately 4 hours. A 900mAh can go as long as 6 hours, while a 1100mAh can get you up to 8 hours. 

It is evident that the battery size directly affects the vaping experience and size of the vaporizer. As a result, most people tend to stay in the middle ground (900mAh) as it comes in standard size with reasonable runtime. This is better than the 650mAh capacity as it might give you enough vaping time, while the 1100mAh will be expensive and bulky. 

Switching from smoking cannabis to vaping is a terrific choice. It comes with a series of advantages besides being flexible. This makes it the top choice of many people. Such a comprehensive guide will guide you towards choosing the perfect vaporizer for your need.

There is an overwhelming option of vaporizers, giving them a tough time when making a choice. We have considered many factors that can direct you towards the most appropriate vaporizer selection, which can suit your needs, budget, and vaping experience.