How Do Atomizers Work

Just like any great pro racer knows what’s under the hood of their race car, seasoned vapers can usually tell you all about the key components in their favorite vape device. If you want to ramp up your vape experience and maximize the quality of your clouds; learning some practical basics, including what a vape atomizer is and how do atomizers work; can make all the difference.

Atomizers are one of the foundational elements of any vape device. Vape atomizers come in an array of sizes and shapes, with plenty of variance in their features and components. Understanding atomizers is important because they play a big part in your overall vape experience. So if you want to switch up your smoke sessions, a new atomizer is often the perfect place to start.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know about vape atomizers, including:

·What atomizers are
·How atomizers work
·Types of vape atomizers
·Where to find vape atomizers
·How to choose the best atomizers for your vape style

Let’s do this!

What is a Vape Atomizer?
In simplest terms, an atomizer is a vape device component that harnesses power from the battery to heat and vaporize your e-liquid or product of choice. 

Even though all vape atomizers share the same essential purpose, they can differ considerably in a number of ways. You may have heard the terms “atomizer,” “clearomizer,” and “cartomizer” used interchangeably; but actually, they aren’t all the same thing. 

“Atomizer” is typically an umbrella term that can apply to the various versions of the vape component responsible for heating your selected vape material and/or holding the wick and/or coil(s).

We’re going to take a deeper dive into different atomizer types shortly, so you can better understand the characteristics of each – and which one is right for you.

Is a Coil and Atomizer the Same Thing?
One of the biggest points of confusion surrounding atomizers has a lot to do with how flexibly the term is often used. Sometimes, vapers will use “atomizer” when they’re talking specifically about their vape coils. Others might rely on the term when they’re describing a certain vape device, like a rebuildable drip atomizer.

All that to say, vape coils are a part of the atomizer, but they aren’t its only component. So no, the two aren’t exactly the same.

Important Parts of a Vape Atomizer
Generally, atomizers are all modeled after the same basic design, which consists of three primary elements:

·A heating coil
·A wick
·A reservoir, or well, to hold e-liquid (or whatever vaping material you choose)

The coil is typically made from resistance wire (varying types are available) and is wrapped around a portion of the wick. The wick, made from an absorbent material such as organic cotton, soaks up the e-liquid or other material. Put together, these two parts make it possible for heat to come into contact with your vape material.

How Do Atomizers Work?
Now that you can picture the basic set-up of an atomizer, it’s pretty easy to see how most atomizers work:

1.First, the vape device’s battery is powered on, providing power to the atomizer.
2.The power is used to heat up the coil(s).
3.As the coils reach a precise temperature, they heat up the e-liquid or other vape material that is contained in the wick.
4.When the material in the wick reaches the point of vaporization, it transforms from a liquid into a light, fluffy vapor that you can enjoy via the mouthpiece.

Granted, the exact operation of an atomizer depends on the specific type of vaping material being used. There are certain atomizer designs that are compatible with different types of material, and how each vape atomizer works does differ. 

For example, devices that can be paired with an oil concentrate are not the same as the ones that are usable with dry herbs or waxes. There are some devices that are fairly versatile, but the large majority are designed to cater to a specific product type. And for vapers that prefer traditional e-liquids, there’s an entirely separate category of atomizers. 

Types of Atomizers
Some of the most common types of vape atomizers include:

Disposable Atomizers
Designed for short-term use, disposable atomizers are usually fairly simple and often found in vape starter kits. In many cases, disposable atomizers are recommended for new vapers because they are easy to work with, simple to find, and inexpensive in the short term. It can also be a useful way to learn more about the best types of atomizers for your needs and preferences. 

RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers)
An RDA is an option best-suited for the highly experienced vaper because they entail user assembly. For vapers that want the ultimate level of control over their vaping experience, RDAs are a solid choice. While this atomizer style does involve more time and expertise, as well as a higher price tag, the customization options are virtually limitless. Learn more about what an RDA is.

Replaceable Coil Head Atomizers
The most common atomizer type is the replaceable coil head atomizer. For most vapers, they are the perfect balance of quality, performance, and value, without requiring too much effort or experience. When you initially make the switch from disposable atomizers to those with replacement coils heads, it can seem like a steep price increase. But actually, you’re getting more for your money. Not only will the quality of your experience get a major upgrade, but these atomizers typically last for a much longer period of time.

A clearomizer is one of the more recent arrivals to the atomizer scene. As you might guess from its name, the clearomizer’s defining characteristic is its clear tank. You can easily see exactly how much e-juice you have left, which makes this a handy feature. Clearomizers are made to hold a significant amount of e-liquid and can be customized according to your desired power level, wicking material, and even tank size. And as your preferences change, you can adapt and rebuild a clearomizer to match.

Another atomizer type is the cartomizer, which is a combination of a vape cartridge and an atomizer. Easy to find and extremely affordable, cartomizers are pre-filled with various e-liquids and can be tossed in the trash once empty. The “click and go” design is a convenient perk, as is their low price. Technically, cartomizers can be refilled, but it’s a pretty challenging task. So, most vapers end up disposing of them and replacing them as needed, so keep in mind that the low cost per cartomizer can add up.

What Does Resistance Mean for Vape Atomizers?
When you shop for atomizers, you’ll notice that they are each labeled with something called a “resistance level.” Measured in “ohms,” the resistance level of an atomizer is an important product detail to understand.

The lower the resistance level, the more power your vape device will have. If you’ve heard of “sub-ohm vaping,” it refers to atomizers with a resistance of less than 1.0 ohm. Because these atomizers can be operated using a high level of power, they allow for a very thick, voluminous cloud of vapor. So, if cloud chasing is your top priority, sub-ohm vaping might be for you.