Does vape juice expire?

Truly, health is wealth, and it is our responsibility to protect ourselves from any illnesses caused due to a bad diet. E-liquids are considered at par with any other edibles as we inhale them into our bodies. Understanding the setbacks of expired vape juices is important for vapers.

Well, the expiry dates and "best before" periods that the e-juice brands' mention indicates the approximate shelf life of the e-liquids. Each ingredient in an e-liquid may have a different shelf-life. Likewise, storage methods of those ingredients may vary from each other. But, what happens when all these ingredients are mixed and kept on the shelf for a long period?

Except for honey, every edible and inhale-able product expires sooner or later. The real question is "Is it alright to use expired vape juice?".

Does vape juice expire? Let's learn more about the facts behind it.

What is vape juice's shelf life?
Shelf life is nothing but the expiration period that comes after certain days or months from the date of manufacture.  In other words, shelf life is similar to the expiry date. However, shelf life is applicable only when the product is stored under the recommended storage conditions.

If not, the product might lose its original standard much earlier than the expiry date or shelf life. Also, it is highly recommended to use the vape juice as early as possible for the best results.

When does vape juice expire?
Vape juice can last for at least 18 months when stored as per manufacturer instruction. If stored at the right temperature, the ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin last for about two years without getting contaminated.

Nicotine tends to lose its concentration after several days if not preserved in an airtight container. Similarly, flavoring agents tend to lose their taste when exposed to sunlight or heat. Having said that, storing the vape juice appropriately remains critical for better shelf life.

Is it harmful to use expired vape juice?
Expired vape juices tend to be tasteless. You won't be able to get a satisfactory throat hit either. On top, the nicotine in the expired juice will not be effective. Would you be still interested in vaping a tasteless vape juice that doesn't satisfy your nicotine craving?

E-liquid contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring agents. Having said that, none of the above ingredients are proved to be harmful to use even after expiration. However, it is proved that it loses its original taste and ability when expired.

Vape juices do expire if not stored as per the manufacturers' instruction. However, it isn't harmful to use the expired vape juice.

People vape to either enjoy flavors and clouds or to satisfy the nicotine craving. Expired vape juice offers none of the said things. Technically, it doesn't make sense to use expired vape juice. People who vape for nicotine craving should care more than the others as nicotine craving can lead to adverse symptoms like anxiety and depression.

So, now you can talk a lot when somebody asks you "how long e-liquids last or does vape juice expire?" It doesn't matter how long do e-liquids stay effective, it is ideal to finish your bottle well in advance to achieve the best results.

I hope now you know what's more important than the expiry date. Happy vaping !!!