If you have ever reached for a bottle of e-juice and looked at the bottle only to read that it has gone beyond the expiration date, then you might be wondering whether it is still good to use. Some people have been known to go beyond the expiration date with no problem, though there are some caveats that must be taken into consideration. Oil can also go rancid, especially if left out in fluctuating temperatures or sunlight. In this article, we will be going over these issues and you can get the most out of vape oil and e-juice.

How Long Does Vape Juice and Oil Last?
As with food, vape juice and oil can have an expiration date letting you know when it is well past its prime. The good news is that most e-juice on the market has a shelf life of around two years. The caveat here is that you must keep your juice out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, otherwise it will expire much sooner before the date on the bottle.

The first thing that will break down is the flavor. While some e-juice bottles can hold their flavor up to five years, they will begin to go stale little by little. If you store them properly away from light and heat, they should last you considerably longer than what is expressed on the bottle, though as previously mentioned, the flavor might be a bit lighter.

Oil on the other hand can go rancid rather quickly and usually has a much shorter shelf life than e-juice. Heat and light will break it down much quicker and make the flavor taste very bad, almost bitter. If you have oil in your tank, you would do well to make sure you vape all of it within a short amount of time.

How to Tell if It’s Truly Expired
Depending on how and where you store your product, you will want to inspect it to make sure it is still viable to vape. If you end up keeping your stash around fluctuating temperatures, like inside your car, then you can bet that it will not last very long. For long term storage, you would do well to keep your oil and juice inside an airtight container that is preferably tinted.

If you happen to look at the bottle and you notice that the liquid has separated, then that is not a good sign. The heavier, more dense elements will sink to the bottom while the carrier sits on top. If you shake the bottle and they quickly separate, it is time to replace your product and toss that one out, as it is no longer viable.

Another way to tell if your product has gone bad is to simply smell it. If you notice that it no longer smells fresh, you might still be able to get something out of it. But if you also notice that it smells and looks off by separating, then you know to toss it out and get a new batch. It is very easy to tell whether oil or e-juice is no longer suitable for consumption.

Storing Your Oil and Vape Juice Properly
As previously mentioned, you will want to make sure that you store e-juice and oil in a cool, dark place away from heat and sunlight. Conversely, you might also want to refrain from keeping your product in the fridge or some other location where condensation can creep its way in. You might want to consider keeping it in an airtight bag or container away from all light sources.

It is a known fact that oil in particular oxides very fast even with light. Never leave your product on windowsills or inside your car as this will undoubtedly lead to your material going bad. Keep your stash hidden away and secured from other sources of heat such as a stove or even hiding places like the top of your fridge, as this can quickly heat up.

You might even want to consider not carrying it around in your pocket all day, as your own body heat can contribute to the breakdown of the compounds inside the oil and e-juice. If you find that you can only carry it around on your person long-term, then consider putting it in a place that does not generate too much heat, such as your side pocket on your jeans.

Getting Rid of Expired Vape Juice
When you find that you have a bottle or two of expired e-juice or oil, the last thing you want to do is dispose of it improperly. Pouring it down the drain will taint the water supply, especially if it contains nicotine. One of the best ways to dispose of expired e-juice and oil is to dump it over cat litter and let it absorb into it.

As it clumps you will be able to scoop it out and toss it in the trash. And whatever you do, please, do not leave it in your cat’s litter box as this can potentially spell disaster for the poor thing. Another alternative is to use coffee grounds, similar to what cat litter can do in regard to absorption.

One novel method for disposing of your e-juice is to use it as a substitute for pest control in your garden, as it is well known that pests hate nicotine. This may or may not be the best method for disposing of your expired material, however. One of the best ways to prevent having to throw bottles of expired product away is to simply buy in smaller sizes.

Final Thoughts
Now that it is well known that oil and e-juice can indeed expire, it is well worth the effort to try and prevent having to throw away your product by heeding the advice here. It is worth repeating that you should never store your product in an environment with extreme or fluctuating temperatures such as your car, nor in your freezer or fridge. Following these tips will ensure that you never have to go with stale or expired product ever again.