Classic Vape Gear That Stands the Test of Time

I have a little secret.

First, understand that I get to try a lot of new vape devices.

We constantly have new products passing through the office, and I get to try a lot of them.
But, like a comfortable pair of shoes, I still find myself going back to the same products again and again.

A personal favourite is the tried and tested Aspire Nautilus Mini, often paired with a Coolfire IV.

Admittedly, this is old technology. Very often if I go to a conference, forum or trade show I’ll make sure to take the latest devices with me – only to revert back to the Nautilus on my journey home!

I’m not the only one. These still fly out from our website and stores, and I was surprised at one conference to even see a big tobacco rep puffing away on an Aspire Nautilus … instead of one of his company’s own vape products!

The fact of the matter is: some vintage vape gear simply stands the test of time. So in honour of those who are not slaves to the latest trends, here’s a selection of devices that have stuck around, despite an endless stream of new vape kits.

The Mi-Pod
When a Mi-Pod originally landed on my desk, with it’s untraditional shape and elvish writing on the side, I worried it would be a passing gimmick. But as one of the first examples of these, now ubiquitous, all-in-one pod devices it has become something of a modern classic.

It’s seriously tiny, almost disappearing into the palm of your hand, yet still offers a decent kick. Being refillable it’s happy being used with a wide variety of juices, and the sheer number of people still rocking a Mi-Pod at vape events is testament to their enduring popularity.

There is no doubt the frequently updated choice of finishes has helped keep the Mi-Pod fresh compared to other devices in this post, but there are signs they could be difficult to get hold of in the UK before long. If anything this is sure to make fans cherish their Mi-Pod even more.

The PockeX
While I’m writing this, I’m vaping an Aspire PockeX. These classic pen style kits may be getting old in the context of the fast moving vape market – but they remain one of the most popular devices we sell in our shops. Much imitated yet, arguably, never bettered. 

Often presented as a starter kit thanks to its simplicity, the PockeX sits at a sweet spot between power and portability giving it wide appeal, and as such has found favour with a lot of established vapers too.

It’s a solidly built compact device, super reliable, and gives a really great throat hit. The signature ‘pop’ the PockeX gives when you first use it certainly adds to its charm. 

As die-hard fans will attest, one annoyance is the tank can crack quite easily, so if you do get one consider using a vape band around the tank for a bit of extra protection!

The Aspire Nautilus Mini (often used with an Innokin Coolfire IV)
The Aspire Nautilus Mini has been going for years and years. In fact, I have a feeling Aspire might even be a little embarrassed about it, seeing as they keep bringing out new versions of the Nautilus – but nothing seems to dent the popularity of the original.

Demonstrated by the fact that new vape tanks (and even pod systems) are now frequently designed to fit the original Nautilus coils.

It’s very often hard to put your finger on why something remains popular. But as a Nautilus user, I love the cold metal of the Nautilus and the Coolfire. Perhaps it’s my imagination, but it seems to deliver a cooler vape which goes particularly well with menthol juice.

The Humble Cigalike
We’ve been selling cigalikes since 2008 – and they still fly out. Sure, the performance has come a long way, but the design is pretty much the same.

Now, not many people start with cigalikes these days, but many people who started with them (some more than a decade ago) have had every opportunity to try new devices – but still stick to their cigalike.

They are super easy to use, incredibly light, and look just like a cigarette, making it an ideal choice for people who miss the look and feel of smoking.

Aspire CE5
It has been a long time since I used one of these slim plastic CE5 tanks. But they remain incredibly popular, and many people still swear by them.

I’ve no doubt this is due to familiarity, plus the fact that they are easy and affordable to replace.

A nicer and still popular alternative is the Aspire BVC ETS tank. Coming with a metal design, this is a bit more solid than the plastic CE5 and looks pretty smart.

What else will last?
Vaping mods come and go, but there are always a handful which will stand the test of time, gaining a fan base at the same time. And one of the distinguishing factors with all these devices is that they are simple and easy to use – but delivering a consistently quality vape.

So perhaps the lesson for manufacturers and suppliers is don’t worry too much about fancy features – just focus on what really matters. And for most of us, that’s flavour and vapour.