Buying Your First Vape – Things To Consider

The world of vaping and vapes can be quite confusing to a newcomer. However, don’t worry, as the things will only get easier as you go along. The best way to understand vapes and their usage is to start from the basics. Although your first vape might not be your favorite, remember that all beginnings are somewhat difficult. Keep in mind that vaping is all about customizing and personalizing your experience to discover a style that suits you the best. But, to reach that stadium, you will have to purchase your first vape, and, for that matter, familiarize yourself with some key elements of every vape out there. So, if you are unsure how to start, make sure to consider the following things when buying your first vape.

The battery
For your first vape, you should go with one of the two main battery styles – the EVOD and the EGO. Keep in mind that these are basic styles, not manufacturers, so do not get confused. EGO-styled batteries feature a small, protruding button, which is very easy to find and use in the dark. On the other hand, an EVOD-style battery features its button flush on the casing. Both of these battery types allow voltage adjustments and have a voltage regulator.

The tank
Tanks are a bit trickier than batteries. This is mainly a result of a large number of manufacturers and models on the market. However, for your first vape, you should look for the tank manufacturers that are also known manufacturers of vape batteries. One of the main characteristics of your first tank should be reusability. If a tank is reusable, it means that you will not have to throw away the whole device once it becomes outdated. The majority of modern tanks are reusable and can be easily replaced or opened to clean the old e-juice.

The battery charger
To keep your vape up and to run, you will need a reliable and affordable battery charger. When looking for one, make sure to focus on the ones that can be charged via a power outlet or a USB. Also, don’t forget to check whether a charger is compatible with the EVOD and EGO batteries. Look for a wall-charging device and make sure never to power your vape via your computer. Be cautious here, because using an unregulated power source can cause the battery to short-circuit, and even explode.

The heating methods

When it comes to heating e-liquids and herbs, there are two methods. One is the conduction method, which involves a direct contact between the herbs or e-liquid with the heat source. The other is the convection method, which involves indirectly transferring the heat source towards the e-liquid or herbs, thus preventing them from combusting.

Conduction vapes are simpler to use and cheaper. However, they carry a slight risk of burning the flowers. On the other hand, convection vapes are a bit more expensive and complex, but they provide a better vaping experience. These vapes also feature better temperature control, and with that, a higher vapor quality.

If you intend on vaping flowers only and if you have the budget, go with a convection-style vape, whereas if you are looking for a cheaper variant and plan on using e-liquid instead, a conduction vape will serve you just fine.