Benefits of a vape device over cigarettes

The introduction of modern vaping devices in the past few years, however, has taken us away from the smoke-stained fingers and tar-filled lungs.

There’s no doubt that cigarettes aren’t as “cool” as they used to be, and in fact, if you’re a smoker today, you’re more likely to be sitting on the outside, while everyone else parties within. But given it’s an addiction, we also know how hard it is for people to quit, and although the TV adverts make it seem like a cinch, it takes time and motivation.

The introduction of modern vaping devices in the past few years, however, has taken us away from the smoke-stained fingers and tar-filled lungs. And today, the benefits of using e-cigarettes can’t be ignored.

Damage Control
In a regular cigarette, there are more than 6,000 chemicals and many of these are toxic. Vaping, on the other hand, has less than 80 chemicals. As such, you’re putting your body at less risk when it comes to lung cancer and mouth cancer, decreasing risks of stroke and brain damage, and helping to prevent bad breath that generally comes with smoking.

No Smoke
Firstly, you’re not inhaling tobacco smoke – which has carcinogens and toxic chemicals. With no smoke, you’re going to smell better. Your clothes, your fingers and your mouth won’t smell like an ashtray. In fact, they could smell instead of strawberries and cream; or one the abundant other flavours on the market.

It’ll Save You Money
Smoking cigarettes is expensive, and every year, the price increases thanks to taxes that are aimed at getting people to quit. According to analysis by smokers spend an average of $5200 per annum.  Vaping, on the other hand, costs on average $1,150 per annum.

It’s Easier
A starter kit makes it easy, particularly when they’re as high powered and advanced as some of the brands around today. The Vaporesso Revenger X is high powered and advanced and with a name Revenger X, you can tell it’s all about high performance and action. Even the manufacturer, Vaporesso, calls it revolutionary and futuristic. Highlights: 8.5V range, OMNI board 2.0 chipset, 5ml juice capacity, 26.5mm diameter, 96’ OLED display, multiple vaping modes.

On the other hand, there’s the Innokin Endura T20S, which is compact and portable, with 20.5mm diameter, and even has vape-while-charging technology. Unlike cigarettes, you’re less likely to run out when you really want a hit. Highlights: 1500mAh internal battery, 2ml prism tank, top fill tank, mouth to lung design, single button firing design.

The biggest benefit is that vaping devices come with a range of flavors, like eLiquid Juice Strawberry Cream, and many of these have no nicotine – which abides by Australian laws.