Best Wattage for Vaping and Everything You Need to Know About Wattage

The best wattage for vaping depends on your vaping device. For instance, there are vaping devices such as cig-a-likes that have a recommended wattage in the range of 7 to 15 watts. On the other hand, there are powerful sub-ohm devices that reach 200 watts of output power. In other words, there isn’t a “best wattage for vaping”. Both are okay and you can get a fulfilling vaping using any of them. It seems pretty low to vape at 10 watts, but you can also get a fulfilling vaping at this wattage.

Aspire Dynamo, a 220 watts sub-ohm vaping device.

In general, a wattage between 40-50 watts is necessary to get more flavor and vapor. At this wattage you can start feeling how the vape juice hits your throat and also an increase in cloud production. Many vaping devices are designed to be vaped at this wattage range.

Usually, advanced vapers tend to vape at a wattage between 50-75 watts. Higher than that, is generally used for vaping tricks and cloud competitions and not really useful for daily vaping.

Should You Vape at a Higher Wattage?
There’s no “best wattage for vaping”. It depends on your vaping preference and what you want to achieve with your vaping.  If you are thinking about competing in cloud chasing competitions or you want bigger clouds, then you should definitely vape at a higher wattage.

To vape at a higher wattage and produce bigger vaping clouds you should invest in a sub-ohm device. Sub-ohming is ideal for cloud chasers and to produce huge vaping clouds. Aspire designed the first sub-ohm tanks, before that, most of sub-ohm devices were RDA atomizers.

Wattage and Temperature

If you prefer warmer vapor, then you should vape at a higher wattage. On the other hand, if you prefer it cooler you better turn the wattage down. The higher you set the wattage, the more power is supplied to the coil and thus, the warmer the coil gets.

Wattage and Throat Hit

A higher wattage means more vapor and hence more PG content on each puff. If you like more throat hit, then you should vape at a higher wattage. On the contrary, if you prefer a smoother puff then you should set your device at a lower wattage.

Wattage and Vape Juice

Vape bottles with liquid for vaping with e-cigarettes

Higher wattage means more e-liquid consumption. Take into account that you will use more e-liquid if you vape at a high wattage. Some vapers can vape an entire 10 ml bottle in one day by vaping at 40-50 watts. If you want to consume less e-juice, then vape at a lower wattage. In other words, keep it to a lower wattage to save e-liquid.

Best Wattage for Vaping and Flavor
As we can see, there’s not a “best wattage for vaping”. It depends on our preferences, cool or hot vapor, cloud production etc. In addition, wattage also impacts of flavor production. For example, some flavors work better with lower wattage, for instance, menthol tastes better if you set a low wattage . On the other hand, if you vape flavors such as cream, coffee or desserts then you better set your device at a higher wattage. To sum up, a higher wattage will help you get more nuances.

Wattage and Coils

An Aspire Tigon coil.

Setting your vaping device at a higher wattage means a shorter coil lifespan. Obviously, more wattage means more heat to the coil and wire. Coils will burn faster with a higher wattage. In conclusion, choose a lower wattage if you want a longer coil lifespan. A lower wattage will allow you to use coils for a longer time.

Higher Wattage and Battery Life
A higher wattage means extra power from your battery unit. Consequently, consider that a higher wattage will shorten your battery lifespan. For example, a vaping device at a high wattage 50-60 watts will probably run out of battery after just a few hours. You will get more flavor and more cloud production, but at the same time your battery will notice that extra wattage.

Best Wattage for Vaping and Vaping Style
In addition, wattage also depends on your vaping style. Longer puffs or shorter puffs. For instance, if you prefer longer puffs try to lower the wattage. By doing so, you avoid getting a burnt taste from your coil. On the contrary, if you prefer shorter puffs then you can try to set a higher wattage instead.

Furthermore, you should also pay some attention to the airflow. Your coils get warmer at higher wattages. Therefore, you should open the airflow, so you prevent the coil to get very hot. If you like to vape with a tight airflow, then you should consider lowering the wattage.

Best Wattage for Vaping: Conclusion
There isn’t a perfect or best wattage for vaping as it depends on many factors. Firstly, it depends on your device and how powerful it is. In other words, it’s not the same to vape a 10 watts cig-a-like than vaping a powerful sub-ohm vaping device.

Secondly, it’s about your vaping preferences: temperature, throat hit and flavor. Remember that some flavors taste better at a lower wattage and some other taste better at higher wattages.

Finally, your vaping style is also important. For instance, if you like longer puffs then better vape at a lower wattage. On the contrary, if you enjoy short puffs, then you can vape at a higher wattage.