Aspire Pods: From Aspire AVP Pods to Aspire BP60 Pods

The Aspire pod systems are very popular because of their high-performance, quality and effectiveness. There are many popular Aspire pod systems, such as the Aspire AVP pods, the Nautilus AIO pod, the new Aspire BP60 pods and Aspire’s latest pod system, the Aspire Nautilus Prime pods.

Pods are convenient and easy to use, in addition, there are more cost-effective than vape tanks. Many vapers use pod systems as a portable alternative to bigger vape mods. For instance, the Aspire AVP pods are very small and portable. In short, these vapes are easy to carry and to use.

In this post we are going to review the latest Aspire pods and their features.

Aspire Nautilus AIO Pods
The Aspire Nautilus AIO pods have a capacity of 4.5 ml and it uses Nautilus BVC coils. This pod system comes with two 1.8-ohm coils for nic salts. The pod is ejected by pressing the two side buttons on the Nautilus AIO. Moreover, there is an airflow adjustment screw on the base of the pod. The coils are screwed into the airflow adjustment housing. Moreover, as many other pod systems, the Aspire Nautilus AIO pods are filled from the bottom of the pod. In short, just simply turn the pod upside down, lift the silicon seal and fill it.

Aspire Tigon Series: AIO pods
The first Aspire Tigon is not a pod system, but the second version launched in October 2019 is a pod system with two Tigon coils of 0.4-ohm and a mesh coil of 0.7-ohm. The Tigon pod standard version has a large 4.6 ml capacity and it is made of polycarbonate to ensure its durability. These pods are rounded and with a Venturi airflow to deliver a smooth and comfortable vaping experience. The coil installation system is called push-me-push-you system compatible with all Tigon coils to ensure an easy insertion and replacement. Moreover, the Tigon AIO comes with a locking port to prevent e-liquid spillages

Aspire AVP and AVP Pro: Aspire AVP Pods
The Aspire AVP pods are very comfortable to vape and designed to comfortably adapt to the mouth. The Aspire AVP was launched in April 2019 and its updated version with adjustable airflow, the Aspire AVP Pro, was launched in November 2019.

The AVP pods are attached magnetically to the body of the device. The Aspire AVP pods are filled through the filling hole located on the bottom of the pod.

Just turn it upside down to reveal the leak resistant spring-loaded valve. In other words, no silicon seals, just a spring-loaded valve designed to prevent e-liquid spillages. Furthermore, the Aspire AVP pods have just a 2 ml capacity.

In November 2019, Aspire launched an updated version with adjustable airflow, smaller size and larger pod capacity. This new pod system is the Aspire AVP Pro.
The AVP Pro is an autodraw device that fits in the palm of the hand. Another advancement is the variable wattage system. The AVP Pro has four wattage modes: 16 watts, 14 watts, 12 watts and 10 watts.

The AVP Pro pods have a 4 ml capacity with a TPD version of 2 ml. In addition, the AVP Pro pod coils are very easy to replace. Its pull-and-push coil system makes the process very easy and convenient. Moreover, the AVP Pro pods come with two coils, a 0.6-ohm mesh coil and a 1.15-ohm coil. As the AVP, the AVP Pro coils are installed onto the bottom of the pod. To replace the coils, just simply invert the pod and pull the coil out and then proceed to push in the new coil.

Aspire Mulus Pods
The Aspire AVP pods are not as versatile as the Aspire Mulus pods. The Aspire Mulus pods are compatible with Tigon and Nautilus coils. In addition, this last March, Aspire launched an RBA pod for the Mulus AIO.

The Mulus AIO is perhaps one of the most versatile pod systems from Aspire, as you can vape it with sub-ohm and standard coils and now with an RBA pod.

In addition, the standard pod version has a capacity of 4.2 ml with a TPD version of just 2 ml.

New Aspire Pod Systems
The Aspire AVP pods, Mulus pods, Nautilus and Tigon were and are very popular. Recently, Aspire has launched two new pod systems, the Aspire BP60 and the Aspire Nautilus Prime.  These two pod systems are considered “pod mods”.

Pod mods are a new trend in the vaping world. A pod mod is basically a mod that instead of using a tank (a traditional vaping tank) uses a pod, while maintaining many of the features commonly found in powerful vape mods.

The Aspire BP60 Pods
The BP60 pods have a capacity of 5 ml in its standard version and 2 ml for the TPD version.

These pods come with two coils, one 0.6-ohm double-shot coil and a 0.3 mesh coil. The BP60 pods are designed for a smooth and dense vapor with no leaks and spitbacks.

The Aspire Nautilus Prime Pods


Aspire Nautilus Prime pod mods.

This pod system is Aspire’s latest AIO pod system. The Aspire Nautilus Prime is a portable pod mod with a pod capacity of 3.4 ml and a TPD version of 2 ml. The Nautilus pods have a larger capacity than the Aspire AVP pods but slightly less than the BP60.

This new pod system is suitable for a restricted DTL vaping and an MTL vaping style. The Nautilus Prime comes with two coils, a 2S mesh coil of 0.7-ohm and a BVC coil of 1.8-ohm for nicotine salts.

Aspire Pods: Conclusion
There are many Aspire pod systems, you can try the Aspire AVP pods, Nautilus pods (AIO or Prime), BP60 or Tigon AIO.

Pods are convenient, easy to use and generally cheaper than vape mods. In addition, pod systems are designed as portable vapes.

Which Aspire pod system is your favorite?