Are Vapes Supposed to Get Hot? Tips & Advice for Vaping Safely

If You’re wondering ‘Are Vapes Supposed to Get Hot?’ Here’s What You Need to Know
If you’ve noticed the temperature of your vape seems to be increasing lately, you might be wondering are vapes supposed to get hot. After all, safety should be paramount whenever we use any electrical device, so you’re right to be concerned if you believe your vape is getting hot.

The good news is a hot vape is usually nothing to worry about. Assuming you’re using a device that’s been made by one of the industry’s leading vape manufacturers, the chances of there being something wrong with your e-cigarette are slim.

With that said, if your vape is getting much hotter than usual, this may be an indication something’s wrong. So in the interests of safety, let’s take a look at the most common reasons for an overheating vape and see what can be done to help keep you vaping safely. 

Why is My Vape So Hot? 
Firstly, it’s important to remember that all vapes get hot so if it’s just a bit of heat radiating from your device then it’s probably nothing to panic over. 

In fact, vapes are supposed to get hot – that’s actually how they work. You see, what happens is the battery heats up your coil which vaporises your e-liquid to create the vapour you inhale.

The key thing to look out for here is how hot your vape is. If you’re able to touch it for a few seconds then it’s unlikely to be cause for concern. However, if touching the device immediately burns your finger or you can feel the heat through your pants pocket then this is probably a sign of something more serious. 

If you believe there’s an issue, it’s important to check where the heat is coming from. Your coil is located inside your tank so if the heat’s coming from around that area and it doesn’t feel excessively hot then it’s probably just your device doing what it should.

If the heat is coming from the battery area (lower down towards the bottom of the device) then this may be an indication of a more serious issue. In the event of an overheating battery, discontinue use of your device immediately and return it to the place you bought it from.

Why Does My Vape Tank Get Hot? 
If you’ve located the source of the heat and you believe it’s coming from your vape tank, then this should be nothing to worry about. 

Your tank is where your e-liquid is located, so it’s completely normal for your device to warm up in this area. 

Again, the most important thing to consider here is how hot your device is getting. If you’re able to touch it for a few seconds then it should be fine, however if it’s so hot that it’s likely to burn your hand then this is probably a sign something’s wrong.

As with an overheating battery, if your tank is getting so hot that touching it is unbearable then stop using the device immediately and return it to the manufacturer or retailer.

Reasons for Vape Getting Hot 
Assuming the problem isn’t a faulty battery or electrical issue, there may be a number of reasons your vape is getting slightly hotter than you’d like. To help you diagnose the problem and put your worries at ease, here are the most common.

Excessive Vaping
Hitting your vape relentlessly, known as “chain vaping”, is one extremely common reason for a hot vape. If you’re puffing away non-stop then your coil is being heated continuously, which will lead to the outside of your device warming up.

Try toning your vaping down a tad to see if it stays hot. If using it more sparingly results in your vape cooling down then you’ve pinpointed the problem.
Once you’ve discovered the problem stems from chain vaping then it’s up to you what you do. Heat from using your vape excessively shouldn’t pose any risks so you’re free to continue vaping as you were, or you might wish to take your foot off the gas a little. 

Residual e-liquid
It’s not uncommon for residual e-liquid to build up on your coil. If this happens, it can often prevent your vape coils from soaking up the e-liquid as effectively, which can lead to your device heating up much quicker than usual. If it seems to be getting hot much faster, this could well be the cause.

Thankfully, the remedy for this one is pretty straight-forward too. Switching to a fresh coil should fix it, or if you’d prefer to get more out of your coil you could always take it out and give it a clean. This will remove the gunk and should return your vape to a normal temperature. 

Wattage too high
In some cases, especially if you’re using a high-powered, sub-ohm device, it may be a case of your wattage being too high for the type of coil you’re using.

If you’re using your device at a higher wattage then that would explain why the device is getting hotter. Likewise, a different type of coil may also heat up faster than usual so if you’ve just started using a different one then that could be the root cause. 

Try turning down your wattage and/or switching back to your other coils – this could well resolve the issue and you’ll know there isn’t a more serious underlying issue.

Accidental firing
A lot of devices have a lock feature that prevents accidental firing in pockets, bags, and other storage locations where you can accidentally press and hold on the firing button. However, some of the more basic devices do not have this feature. You need to ensure that your vape is either locked, or turned off when not in use. This will prevent accidental firing and protect your device, coils, and yourself!

So those are the main reasons for your vape getting too hot — hopefully that answers the question “are vapes supposed to get hot?”… To reiterate, every vape gets hot but if your device is overheating to the point where it’s uncomfortable to touch then this may be an indication of a problem with the internal components so it’s best to take your device back to the place you purchased it to be checked out. 

Likewise, an overheating battery should be taken seriously and use of the device discontinued. For some more information on staying safe, check out our Battery Safety Guide.