The outbreak of Coronavirus has undoubtedly had an impact on your life. The biggest of which has been the country-wide lockdown that has forced many shops to shut and has led to a larger number of people working from home and self-isolating. With even a visit to the shops to buy toilet paper now requiring serious planning, we’re living in an uncertain world. With your local vape shop closed you may be wondering if you’re going to be able to purchase supplies and avoid the temptation to move back to cigarettes. In light of this we have seen a greater increase in online shopping, with businesses being encouraged to offer their customers a digital platform to make sure they can still receive goods and services. We’ve put together this helpful guide to offer you tips and advice on how to ensure you don’t run out of supplies as well as how to vape courteously during lockdown.

Vaping, Coronavirus and The Media
Coronavirus has also created a raft of stories in the news relating to vaping. Vaping and the media have endured a tenuous relationship, to say the least, unsurprisingly it didn’t take some news outlets very long to try and link vaping to COVID-19 and the smear campaign that vaping has experienced continues to reign. Luckily, there are still plenty of advocates who are willing to offer a balanced opinion backed by research and professional medical opinion.

Rosanna O’Connor, Director of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs at PHE, has plainly stated that,

"Public Health England’s 2018 independent evidence review found that to date, there have been no identified health risks of passive vaping to bystanders. There is currently no evidence that coronavirus can be caught from exposure to e-cigarette vapour."

As we can see there is no compelling evidence to suggest that vaping in itself can cause Coronavirus. There have been those who have posed the question, however, that the act of vaping could spread the infection.

Quick to hit back against such theories, Neal Benowitz, a leading academic, physician and professor at the University of California has himself stated,

'It is my understanding that exhaled e-cigarette vapor consists of very small particles of water, propylene glycol and glycerin and flavor chemicals, not droplets of saliva. The vaping aerosol evaporates very quickly, while particles that are emitted when coughing or sneezing are large particles that persist in the air for a relatively long period of time. Thus, I would not think that vapers present any risk of spreading COVID-19, unless they are coughing when they exhale the vapor.'

Infections like COVID-19 travel in the saliva particles that are spread whenever a person coughs or sneezes, as Benowitz points out a cloud of vapour is made up of water and is very quick to disperse. So, vaping can not spread Coronavirus unless a person were to cough or sneeze at the same time.

Vaping Etiquette During Lockdown
You may find that you’re not alone during lockdown, coexisting in close quarters with your family or housemates. This is no bad thing as a lack of human contact can greatly add to feelings of isolation, then again some of us may find we do much better on our own. If you do live with multiple people this does mean that you may have to slightly alter your vaping habits to be fairer to those around you, especially in communal spaces such as your kitchen or living room. This is doubly true if you have or live with children, try to vape out of sight of children and when not in use make every effort to keep your kit and e-liquids out of reach and sight of children. The same can also be said of pets. Naturally curious our beloved dogs and cats may go snooping and the last thing you need is them managing to access your vape supplies. We’ve created a dedicated guide on vaping with pets for more information.

Common courtesy goes a long way, especially when you may find yourself confined to your home for days at a time. Not everyone is going to want to watch Netflix through a veil of cloud or cook dinner in the middle of the kind of fog you rarely see outside of a sailor’s horror story. Luckily, by using a dedicated vape kit, there is no issue when it comes to secondhand smoke associated with cigarettes, with vaping remaining the less harmful option. Still, don’t be surprised if you receive some stern words if you keep clouding up the lounge!

If you find yourself vaping when out of doors remember to extend that same courtesy, people may not have the same information as you and may be distrustful of vaping. Ensure you keep a two-metre distance between yourself and all members of the public and be careful when vaping to avoid people walking past or around you. Distancing has shown to minimise the spread of infection, you’re also less likely to blow a plume of vapour into the direction of an unwary individual or groups.

If you are unfortunate enough to have contracted Coronavirus there is a possibility you will experience respiratory problems, which can include shortness of breath. In serious instances like this we recommend that you take a break from vaping until your symptoms begin to disappear. As a short term solution there are a number of alternatives to turn to temporarily, including nicotine gum and patches.

Where Can I Get Vape Supplies From?
Your local vape shop may be shut for some time and you’ll only be able to hold out for so long. There are of course alternatives, as a number of supermarkets now stock vape kits and some e-liquid. The issue is that traditionally the ranges they stock are somewhat limited, so you’re unlikely to find your usual brand flavour preferences, it is also unlikely that you’ll be able to find coils or pods for your particular kit. Supermarkets will be useful in a pinch, but don’t offer a sustainable long term solution. There's also the factor that you may be putting yourself at unnecessary risk by leaving the house, especially when there’s the option of online shopping. Online retailers such as Vape Club are dedicated to providing a prompt and efficient service when it comes to purchasing and shipping, we also continue to stock a wide range of your e-liquid, vape kits and replacement coils / pods.

It’s important to be on the lookout for changes in the services of couriers and delivery services. Royal Mail are providing regular service updates and are continuing to deliver the high standards that we’ve come to expect from them, even with a combination of increased shipping rates and driver unavailability. Although you might notice a slowdown, parcels are still being delivered regularly given the current situation. A back-up plan is always important though, online retailers that offer multiple courier services for deliveries are your best bet. Not only might these services be faster they’re also a useful alternative and many still offer the option of guaranteed delivery dates and next-day postage if you’re willing to spend a bit more money.

As an online retailer, the vape stores have seen a huge increase in the number of orders we’re receiving. But worry not, we have a very large stock holding and we are still receiving regular deliveries of e-liquid and hardware. However, the safety of our staff and our customers is of the utmost importance to us, and whilst all office based staff who can work from home are doing so, we have implemented all of the government's recommended health and safety, and social distancing policies in the warehouse to keep everybody safe, plus a few extra on top.

For example, we have implemented a one way system in the warehouse so pickers can remain 2m apart and not have to cross paths with anyone. The building has a full deep clean and disinfect every day, with regular wipe downs throughout the day. And all doors are kept open to reduce the amount of surfaces people need to touch. Combining these extra precautions with the standard hygiene and distancing rules set out by the Department Of Health mean we can keep our staff as safe as possible.

We are of course striving to provide the same impeccable standards of service during this crisis as we do under normal circumstances, but we hope our customers will understand that due to these increased safety precautions and the increased demand, there may be some minor delays on occasion. We will do everything we can to avoid them, but safety must always come first. We are constantly evaluating the situation and adjusting our processes and policies in accordance to the most up to date information.

We recommend that you plan your orders early and in some cases perhaps order a bit more than planned to accommodate for any unforeseen delays. Our customer service team is running remotely and available to help you, we recommend that if you have any questions that you send them an email, while they are available by phone, increased demand means they are not always available to answer the phone right away.

PHE (Public Health England) have stated that there is no evidence to suggest that the Coronavirus can be passed by handling parcels, as an added measure most delivery services are now operating contact-free delivery. For the time being online services are your best option for receiving much-needed vape kits and e-liquid.

How To Make Your Vape Supplies Last Longer
During this period of lockdown it may be the case that you’re asked to work from home. This change in work environment can also change your vaping habits. It’s not uncommon for the stress of work situations to send you reaching for your vape device. When at home you may be in a position to vape at your temporary ‘work desk’, rather than having to go outside. While it’s quite novel to blow some big clouds while your boss is stressing about last week’s sales reports, this may lead you to vaping more than usual (depends on your boss really). This in turn means you end up using your supplies quicker.

Similarly, a greater number of people are experiencing a period of furlough, where they have been asked to stop work. Confined at home and presented with the thrilling prospect of more daytime television it’s not uncommon for us to start vaping out of boredom.
In situations like these a little bit of structure can be very effective. We recommend you try and keep your vape device away from either your work desk or chill out area, this way you’ll have to get up every time you want a vape. You can also try making sure you only vape outside, not only will this offer a welcome break from screens but again will limit how much you vape.

Both of these situations mean that you might be getting through your reserve of e-liquid and coils / pods a bit quicker than planned. In our experience vaping too much can also cause headaches and dehydration due to nicotine overdose, while not life threatening, this can be an unpleasant experience.

At a time like this, it’s important to get the most out of your supplies and you can take lessons from what the vast majority are probably already doing with food, toiletries and medicine. During isolation you’ll have more time than ever and we recommend you take a quick inventory of what you currently have, the more detailed the better. Once you have this list you can work out how long your current supplies will last based on how much of certain items you use. We have included a mock inventory below for both e-liquid and coils:

As you can see from the list above this is roughly two weeks worth of supplies, but remember this is two weeks worth in an ideal scenario. What happens if you misplace or spill a bottle of e-liquid? Or, you don’t fill your pod regularly enough and the coil burns itself out prematurely? In this case we recommend you keep a reserve stock, this is particularly useful if you have a particular brand or flavour blend that you’re partial to. We also advise you to order a few days before you run out, remember your order will have to be processed and shipped. So, it’s no use waiting until the last minute as in this current climate there is always the potential for delivery delays which could cause you problems.

Keeping track of what you have is useful, but there are a few ways to stretch your supplies even further, without resorting to rationing.

We stock a wide range of e-liquids and while you may be partial to a certain flavour, you may find an equivalent from a different brand that works just as well. There are now also a growing number of budget ranges. Still offering a quality vape, they’ll allow you to stock more of your favourites at a lower cost. If you’re after well-known brands at a lower price we also have a dedicated e-liquids clearance section, with a selection of popular brands from across the UK and USA.

By switching to a higher level nicotine strength e-liquid you will not have to vape as much, this will not only save you money but will help your e-liquid last longer. If you’re worried that an increase in nicotine continent might result in a harsher throat hit then we highly recommend you take a look at salt nicotine e-liquid. They work the same as a standard e-liquid; they just have a different composition, the result is a much smoother throat hit. As an added bonus they’re also absorbed faster and more efficiently by the body, leading to fewer cravings.

In the same vein it’s also worth taking a look at your device, the major selling point of a sub ohm vape kit is that they create a larger amount of vapour, to do so they require a higher wattage output and will use more e-liquid than their smaller counterparts. As a temporary measure you can switch to a lower wattage output, this may mean less vapour production but it will save your e-liquid.

If you find you’re still using too much e-liquid you may want to consider switching to a smaller mouth to lung vape kit, they produce a smaller amount of vapour and subsequently require less e-liquid to be used.

Proper Storage and Maintenance
We briefly touched on why storage is important. Keeping vape kits and e-liquid out of the hands of children and away from pets creates a safer atmosphere in our current situation, and means there’s one less thing to worry about. What you might not know is that proper storage can also help your supplies last longer and work better.

Much like storing medicine, we recommend keeping your items on a high shelf or even better a locked cupboard that can’t be accessed by curious children or pets. By locking your e-liquid away you’ll also be keeping it out of direct sunlight, this, in turn, will not only preserve its flavour but will increase its shelf life. Luckily the majority of all e-liquids are fitted with a childproof cap, but remember these are useless if the top cap is removed, so remember to always store bottles with the caps firmly on. Kits that use removable batteries should have their power sources removed when not in use, these batteries can be stored in dedicated cases that are widely available. If you have one of the growing number of smaller vape kits, then it is much easier to keep it on your person at all times, reducing the likelihood of it ending up in the wrong hands. This might mean that you’re tempted to vape more, but safety is important.

Maintaining your vape kit is also very important, engaging in a daily routine of checking your kit will keep it in good working order and will help you spot potential issues early on. Check the seals on your tank as they can cause leaking when worn or broken. If you’re using a refillable pod device check the filling mechanism on your pod and make sure there’s no e-liquid build-up. A clean vape kit is a happy vape kit, a pesky build-up of dirt, moisture or e-liquid can flood vital components or block connection points causing your device to stop functioning altogether. With the current emphasis on cleanliness and good hygiene, we thoroughly recommend wiping down your vape kit with an antibacterial wipe in between uses, more delicate components will fare better when cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.

Summing Up
It’s not hard to see that we’re living in a time of uncertainty, but by following this guide and adapting to change you can live a life that’s as close to normal when it comes to vaping. We can’t overstate the importance of planning and proper conduct in all matters vaping, whether that be knowing when to purchase your next lot of e-liquid or working out how you’re going to be able to vape outdoors without bothering anyone else.

Overall, we encourage you to be considerate and help those around you, without putting yourself at risk - it’s at times like this where we all have to pull together. We’re dedicated to supplying our customers with updates on our services.