Vaping devices use rechargeable batteries and their safe use is paramount. It is always advisable to do research, even if you know the basics, just in case there is any new information regarding the safe use of batteries. Battery safety should be a priority for people who are new to vaping. If you've heard of a horrific story about a vaping device exploding, then you know how it was caused by not understanding Ohm's Law and Battery safety.

Batteries used in vaping devices come in a variety of sizes, the most common being 18650 vape batteries, but there are others, such as 20700, 21700 and even 26650. No matter how big or small the battery is, it must be treated and used safely. In contrast to rechargeable AA or AAA batteries, rechargeable vaping batteries are unique.

Battery safety involves certain steps and precautions that you must be careful about in order to ensure a prolonged life of the battery. You should not completely discharge vaping batteries if you expect them to last. If your device notifies you that its battery is low, try to recharge it as soon as possible. Be sure not to leave your batteries charging overnight.

Condition of vape batteries
There is a metal case around a battery, which surrounds it with a PVC sleeve, also referred to as a wrap. Always make sure that any battery you intend to use is in good working condition before using it. You might want to check your battery for the following issues:

§  The sleeve/wrap should not be ripped or torn
§  Batteries should only be used with a wrap
§  Make sure there is no corrosion or rust
§  Any damage, including dents, should be noted

Please do not use your battery if you find any of the above forms of damage or anything similar to them. Don't forget to properly dispose of batteries as well. Batteries can be disposed of for free at most supermarkets.

How do I store lithium batteries safely?
In order to ensure safe storage of batteries, you should do the following:

§     Choose a reputable company that guarantees both quality and safety when you buy battery products
§     Avoid storing your batteries at temperatures that are too high or too low. Batteries and cells suffer damage under extreme temperatures
§     Batteries/cells should never be left in a vehicle 
§     Never put batteries or cells in a pocket, a bag, or purse
§     When not in use, place cells in a cell case 
§     Battery/cells should be kept dry and clean
§     Keep metal items, such as keys and coins, away from batteries/cells
§     Battery and cell storage should be kept away from direct sunlight  

What can I do to prevent damaging a battery while charging it?
Following are the things that you can do to prevent damaging battery while it is being charged.

§      You should not use any third-party adapters since they may damage the battery and cause injury to people
§      Battery charging should never be left unattended
§      Batteries and cells should never be left charging for long periods of time
§      When your battery is charging, keep an eye on it

How do I deal with a damaged or leaking battery?
You must keep the following things in mind when dealing with a damaged or leaking battery.

§      Batteries that clearly leak or are damaged should never be used. They should be disposed of as soon as possible
§      Keep leaking fluid away from the skin and eyes
§      Wash the affected area thoroughly with water and consult a physician if contact has been made

Some key points that you must keep in mind when handling batteries
Here we have listed some common key points:

§   Should a cell or a battery be swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately
§   Be responsible when disposing of materials, containers, batteries, and packaging
§   You should always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using this product
§   Ensure that you keep all original product documentation for future reference

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to safely use and store batteries without any accidents. Batteries are a critical part of vaping gear. Hence, making sure that they are used and stored safely is essential.

We hope that this information will be helpful for you!