A Beginner-Friendly Tutorial on 10 Popular Vape Tricks

Vaping is being trendy among young people in recent years. Some of them are vape tricks lovers. The scene of vape tricks looks awesome, and the vapers are seemed like performing stunning and bravo magic. It reminds me of the magic from Hogwarts School, the vape device held in hand is like the wand, with saying the spelling word from the heart, the vape blood people did it through their mouth and nose.

Be realistic, vape trick is a skillful thing that can be done with practice and a suitable vape kit. Not every vape device can make tricks, it requires a higher wattage vape mod, a sub-ohm vape tank, and a high VG vape juice to offer cloud production. There are more than ten popular vape tricks to let you can’t stand WoW, like Ghost Inhale, Dragon, Vapor Bubble, French Inhale, Blowing Os, etc. This post is purposed to give you a comprehensive tutorial guide to being a magician with 10 most popular vaping tricks. Please start your practice now.

Top 10 Most Popular Tricks with Vaping

1. Ghost Inhale
The Ghost Inhale is an easy but thrilling technique, like addressing a ghost hit. It is very friendly for beginners to learn. The ghost hit is also known for the mushroom cloud as well as the snap inhale.

How to perform:
Step1: take a long MTL drag from your device, and keep the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds to blow it out in a ball shape.

Step2: Once the ball shape is done, you should quickly inhale it back into your mouth.

2. Dragon's Breath
The Dragon, also known as Dragon Breath, is a fantastic way to surprise your friends and attract people’s attention. If you use a high-power vape kit with higher VG e-liquid, it may make your trick cooler.

How to perform:
Step1: Try to get as much vapour as you can in your mouth

Step2: then close your mouth but keep the center part of your lips shut while the borders of your lips left little space

Step3: Exhale the vapour out of your nose and the corners of your mouth at the same time.

3. Vapour Bubble
If you vape bubble in a lake, it looks really romantic. It is not a difficult operation, appropriate for new cloud chasers.

How to perform:
Step1: Get a plastic bottle with a cut at its bottom and a blend of hand soap and water, all of this is to hand made a bubble mixture, then dip the bottom with the mixture.

Step2: blow one-half of the bubble through the drip tip of the plastic bottle

Step3: inhale vapour from your vape kit and continue to make the bubble a round shape with your exhaled vapour.

Tips: You can directly buy a bubble wand and bubble mixture, then blow a bubble with your vapour.

4. Bane & French Inhale
The French inhale is another remarkable vape skill with a catchy title. In essence, the vapour rises from your lips and totally breathes in your nostrils.

Bane is a moderately complex vape trick. Derived from “The Dark Knight Rises”, the first episode of the Batman television series, this trick takes its name from the masks donned by arch-enemy Bane.

How to perform:
Step1: to make a French inhale, draw vapour from your kit and keep it in your mouth

Step2: slowly open your mouth, extend your lower jaw and let the vapour naturally escape.

Step3: when the vapour escapes, you need to consistently inhale it through your nostrils.

Step4: to make a Bane, you just put your teeth in the way of vapour so that it will exit in a thin pipe shape, which can clone the look of Bane.

5. Blowing O-Rings
Needless to say, it is named literally and it is easy to make.

How to perform:
Step1: start by taking a deep drag and hold it in your throat

Step2: ensure that put your tongue in the bottom of your mouth and toward the back of your throat

Step3: try to make an O shape with your lips

Step4: fastly pulse movements with your throat and exhale an O’s ring shape of vapour.

Tips: to blow double or triple O’s, you just need to place a finger in the middle of your lip to split the original O’s ring into multiple rings and keep one thing in mind, you need to tap the side of your throat with another hand when exhaling.

6. Push & Bend O's
It is a work designed for your hands to play with your O-ring.

How to perform:
Step1: to make a thick and heavy O-ring, it needs to use the right vape mod and high VG e-juice.

Step2: blow a good O’s.

Step3: let your fingers be together to make a fan and create airflow to lead your O-ring in the direction you like.

7. Jellyfish
The Force Field and Atomic Bomb are other names for this act. The goal is to make a small O in the center of the big ring, and then the two rings will connect to form a jellyfish.

How to perform:
Step1: blowing an O-ring, and put it forwards with an airflow created by your palms

Step2: exhale some vapour right in the middle of your floating O-ring to make the shape of jellyfish.

Tips: you’d better master your vape bends and O’s ring tricks.

8. Bull Ring
Try to imagine that you get a ring in your nose and with no pains to suffer, what a great deal.

How to perform:
Step 1: Blow a thick medium O-ring

Step2: inhale the top part of the ring with your nostrils.

Tips: it is advisable for you to finish learning of making an O’s ring. This Bull ring trick may take some time, be patient.

9. Atomic Bomb
The Atomic Bomb first resembles a jellyfish, however, there is a significant distinction. The second cloud is sucked back like a jellyfish rather than being allowed to pass through the O-ring. In this way, it reverses direction and resembles the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion.

How to perform:
Step1: Blow an O-ring first.

Step2: Get just behind the O-ring when it appears, lower your head and exhale the following cloud via the o-ring.

Step3: Wait for one second, and take a deep breath to inhale all the air again through the same o-ring. Then Bombs off!

10. Flying Triangles
Making triangles also depends more on your hands’ work.

How to perform:
Step1: still, make an O-ring

Step2: Make a fast movement with your forearm, such as repeatedly pushing the ring down, and manage to shape it into triangles

You need to be very focused on the skills to tap your O’s because it requires speed.

Bottom Line:
To be frank, it is not as easy as the vape trick masters to learn to make all vape tricks in a short time. Sometimes, you may come across failure during practice. But don’t lose your heart, Rome wasn't built in a day, try to target the hard point and learn with the trick videos step by step, or you can communicate with your vape pals or ask for someone who can provide help.

Making vape tricks can be your hobby and also magic to provide an entertaining performance with your friends in certain social settings like a party. The most important thing is whether it can make you happy in your life. If yes, there are no reasons to stop you from loving it.