Ever find yourself carrying around your vape with nowhere convenient to put it down? Ever reach for your vape only to knock it over, or realize your vape nearby-placed vape is in an unacceptably imperiled position? We've all been there, especially when vaping around the house. Vaping in the kitchen, you risk splattering your vape in simmering sauce, setting it down in a puddle, or knocking it over as you reach for ingredients. Vaping in the bathtub or shower is a comedy of trying to find someplace safe to put it and constantly re-drying your hands to take a puff. And vaping while doing housework or gardening? Sure, it makes your day brighter, but where do you put it?

Believe it or not, we've got the answer. Actually, we've got five different answers, each cooler and more practically hilarious than the last. For the all-day vaper who likes to take their vape with them through all sorts of household activities, check out these ten totally awesome ways to dock your vape around the house.

You want to vape in the shower, we know you do. We know because we vape shamelessly in the shower and we have friends who've admitted the same. And if you actually take the time for a long relaxing soak in the bath? Of course, you're going to want your vape! But how?

Vaping in the shower or bath means keeping your rig at-hand, but away from the water. You could set it on the toilet, you could try to keep it safe on the edge of the tub (disaster pending), or you can try a simple suction-cup bath caddy. 

Yup, that's all it takes. Pick up a big-enough shower wall caddy at any local department store (or online) and stick it to the wall exactly where you want your vape to wait for you. For showers, you want to dock the caddy at the back up the tub, far from the actual spray. And for baths, use a second one (or move your caddy) down in easy arm's reach of your favorite lounging position. That's all it takes to have your vape pen or mod box easily available while you enjoy your daily ablutions. Keep a wash rag draped on the edge to quickly dry your hands before each puff.

You like to vape while you cook (who doesn't?) and you want to have your vape constantly at-hand to take puffs between browning the meat and stirring the sauce. But you don't want to put your vape down on the counter where it could get wet, oily, knocked over, or worse. Yep, this one's another surprisingly easy conundrum to solve: a spice rack.

Little spice racks, perfectly vape-sized are available to screw into your walls or cabinets or to magnet onto the side of your fridge, depending on how your kitchen is designed. All you need is one conveniently placed spice rack and suddenly you have a cool kitchen location to dock your vape between puffs that isn't on the counter, by the sink, OR dangerously close to the stove. You win. You win big delicious clouds in the kitchen.

Vaping at your desk is something that almost every vaper does at home and sometimes even the office. Some people have no problems vaping around the office or at the desk. The vape takes up a designated little spot in their tidy lives and it never ever bumped or elbowed. But if that's not you and your desk vape is constantly falling to the floor (or tipping over, for you upright pen vapers) then we have another common household item ready for your vape-docking pleasure: the humble pencil cup.

A pencil cup -- sometimes a real cup, sometimes a sturdy cup-shaped decoration -- is the perfect place for a pen-shaped vape and many are large enough to dock a mod box as well. In fact, there are all sorts of desk organizers that work great doubling as vape stands. If your home pencil cup doesn't work, take a look around an office supply store (or Etsy) and find a desk organizer that does suit both your style and the size of your vape.

Like to vape while soaking up the sun or enjoying the soft crickets of early evening? Lounging in one's own backyard is a God-given right, something that everyone with a backyard, balcony, or porch should be free to enjoy. And there's nothing that makes it better than big beautiful clouds. But where do you put your vape while lounging? 

Some people hold onto it with a relaxed death grip, some place it on the arm of a chair, where it might get knocked off. Some use a side table, which might require some reach. We like to invest in deck chairs with cup-holders. Cup-holders are actually a great convenience for any vaper. In fact, they even make cup-holder inserts (meant originally for cars) that help a mod box or pen fit snugly instead of rattling around.

For vapers who like to garden, keeping your vape handy while you're wearing gardening gloves and hauling around potting soil can be pretty challenging. A belt loop is one cool way to vape in the garden. There are all kinds of belt pouches for vapes or those that have been repurposed for Vape. But we've got an even cooler idea that will work for a great many garden vapers.

A "wheelbarrow tool caddy" is like a tool belt for your wheelbarrow. They come in metal, plastic, and soft hanging canvas depending on what works best for you and your wheelbarrow. And if you're constantly kneeling next to your barrow to plant new flowers or tend to the weeds, then this is a perfect place to keep your vape right in arm's reach and yet safe from all the dirt and grime of actually being set in the barrow, on the ground, or rattling around with your tools.