So, you want to reward yourself after a long week of working, and you thought of calling your friends to plan a vaping session. With all the fuss that comes with preparing one, you might get lost in finding ways to make sure it is the best one. No need for you to worry because we have listed 15 ways to create an exciting and pleasurable vaping session with your friends.

1. Find a vape-friendly place
Before meeting up with your friends, finalize where you are going to stay. Some places like restaurants or apartments have certain regulations when it comes to vaping especially when in groups. There may be times that your house is not in good shape to bring some guests over or maybe your friends have small rooms and cannot fit everyone for the vaping session. Having a dedicated place to do some vaping would save you the trouble of worrying about it.

2.Have a desktop vaporizer
There is nothing wrong with having your portable vaporizer or vape pen, but if you want to keep the fun times rolling, having more than one can be extremely helpful. Bring a desktop vaporizer to share it with your friends. One thing you can do is use your personal vape pen and lend your desktop vaporizer to your group. It does not mean that you avoid coming in contact with your friends, it is just that you do not want them to miss out on the fun.

3.Have an extra vape
Just like having a desktop vaporizer, bringing extra vapes can contribute to an enjoyable experience. There are different vaporizers you can use. Having more than just two, can prevent you and your friends from ending the vaping session too soon. Also, this gives you the flexibility to explore more options and try out different techniques. All these can make the experience even better. Also, if a vape of your friend gets broken, it is easy to continue when you have another one to use

4. Have a clean vape ready
You understand that to reap full benefits of a vape, a vaporizer should be properly maintained and cleaned. A good and clean vape can impress your friends. If you want your friends to have you over in one of their vaping sessions, too, then you should leave an impact on them by showing how you clean and care for your vaporizer.

5. Bring everything with you
When you vape as a group make sure that all the necessary materials make it to the venue. You should have enough supply of vaping material for a wide range of options to choose from. To make the vaping session last even longer and provide a better experience, you must bring with you everything you might need. Make sure that the vaping device you have is also in perfect shape. Remember that a vaping session works well when everything falls into place.

6.Do not forget the important vape accessories
Avoid any struggle or discomfort with having an efficient process in mind. To do this, it is best to bring with you handy accessories to make the process easier. You and your friends can make the experience more enjoyable when you have tools like an herb grinder, thermometer, and a stash container. To ensure that your vaping material is finely grounded for a good quality consumption, an herb grinder comes in handy. A thermometer like the Terpometer helps you to monitor the perfect temperature to enjoy your extracts, and if you and your friends get a bit rowdy, having a stash container can keep your material in proper shape and is stored well.

7.Bring extra vape coils
Changing out coils is a part of vaping. If you are together with your friends, replacing worn-out coils can do wonders to your experience. Also, it is part of your vaporizers basic maintenance. To avoid an unpleasant experience with burnt out coils, it is best to bring some extra. You want an enjoyable experience and following this tip can help you and your friends have a smooth-tasting vape experience.

8. Carry extra batteries
Say that you are having too much fun with your buddies and suddenly your vaporizer stopped working. Nobody wants an interruption to happen especially if you are just starting the session. To avoid any setbacks, it is important to have an extra battery with you especially if your device is a portable one. Overall, just to avoid any inconvenience to anyone, your safest bet is to bring an extra battery for your vaporizer.

9.Limit extreme temperatures
Vaping at the right temperature would give a great experience for you and your friends. This can also prevent any issues with your device that might result in stopping the vaping session. Know that your vape should not exceed the limit. The thermometer you brought with you can check that. Higher temperatures place a strain on your vape batteries while lower temperatures decrease its battery power. Consider this so that the party keeps on going. If you do not care for it properly then that can lead to potentially breaking your vaporizer. The key here is to just handle your vape with care. 

10. Improve your vaping experience
Inhaling in a certain way will make or break the vaping experience. You can do this in two ways: mouth-to-lung or inhaling by filling your mouth with vapor first then inhaling it into the lung, just like smoking a cigarette and the other is the direct-to-lung draw or inhaling vapor straight to the lung, which is similar to sucking in air from a balloon. This is applicable to how you want to personally enjoy vaping with your friends. You can apply these techniques when you are all together, depending on how you want your vaping material to hit you.

11.Have different vaping material options
When vaping with friends, it is best to keep all of your options open. You might discover a new flavor, technique, or trick that you and your friends enjoy together. Having different choices to use in a vaporizer can give you a better perspective and an enjoyable experience. This way everyone can explore and at the same time engage themselves in mixing two different flavors or create something new for them to try out.

12.  Get some tricks up your sleeve
Blowing vapor in the air might be one of the most satisfying things there is. Nothing beats the vapor cloud that makes everyone stare. To be everyone’s favorite crowd-pleaser, there are various ways to spice up your vaping session and make everyone have fun. Before your vaping session, search online and practice different kinds of vaping tricks and techniques. Once you are in the vaping session with your friends, you can do mind-boggling vape tricks to leave your friends in awe.

13.Other activities and entertainment
To make a great vaping session, you should add a touch of creativity and a little bit of friendly competition. Keep everyone entertained with fun and exciting games like playing darts, poker and other card games, beer pong or other challenging yet fun indoor games, or even some vape trick challenges. These will keep everyone engaged and involved. Also, you can test everyone’s singing skills through a karaoke session. Having some kind of entertainment can contribute to a fun vaping session.

14.Food and drinks
Simply having vaporizers as the centerpiece of the party may not be the best way to spice things up. Add in some good ambiance by playing some relaxing or energetic music, depending on what the crowd prefers. You and your friends can enjoy the vaping session more with food and drinks. Good food and music together with vaping go so well together. When all your friends are satisfied and comfortable, the vaping session would provide a better and pleasant experience for everyone.

15.Do not forget to have fun
Last but not the least, enjoy the moment while it lasts. It might have been a long time since you and your friends spent some time together over a vaping session. Take this opportunity to cherish the moment. This vaping session gives all of you an escape from the reality that is stress and responsibilities.

A good vaping session with your friends can be made possible through these tips we listed down for you. Keep these items in mind so you can make the most out of your time together.