11 Signs You’re A Vaping Enthusiast

1. You know that Ohm isn’t just a yoga noise
OK, so you might not know the total science behind Ohm’s law, but you do know that it measures the resistance of your atomiser. Lower ohm = a better vapour output which means a better throat hit!

2. You constantly get updated on recommended YouTube videos
You’ve probably been caught more than once during work hours watching your favourite vlogger. Whether you love hearing about vaping news or want to learn some new tricks, there are so many vaping vloggers that you’re spoiled for choice.

3. You get super excited when a new flavour comes out
As soon as you see a new flavour from your favourite brand, you have to order it straight away, even if it does sound bizarre. Experimenting with different flavour combinations like a mad scientist is also one of your favourite pastimes.

4. You’re the go-to trickster at parties
Everyone knows that you have a pretty good repertoire of tricks ranging in levels of difficulty. Whether you choose to share your skills is up to you.

5. You know the vaping laws in more than one country
Whenever you go on holiday, you have to remember to check the vaping laws in that country. People have probably even started coming to you for advice on whether it’s OK to vape in public in Spain (F.Y.I, it’s pretty much the same rules as in the UK).

6. You’d rather charge your e-cig than your phone
There’s one plug free and you’ve forgotten your USB charger. Still, choosing to charge your e-cig is a no brainer. Who needs a charged phone anyway?

7. Everyone knows when you’ve been in the room
Whether it’s the cloud of vapour you disappear into or the signature smell of your favourite e-liquid, you always leave an impression behind wherever you go.

8. You have a whole group of online friends that also love vaping
You’re such good friends with them because they love vaping just as much as you…and you’ve probably already arranged to meet up at your nearest vaping festival.

9. You have more accessories for your e-cig than yourself
Having a case and lanyard to match every outfit is way more important than having a bag or shoes to match every outfit. And let’s not start on mouthpieces…

10. Your hand feels empty without your e-cig
Losing your e-cig is like losing your best friend. You struggle to do things that require two hands because one of them is always occupied by holding your e-cig. You’ve even found yourself holding a pen and mistakenly trying to vape with it in the past.

11. Your favourite noise is the doorbell
Because you know that’s probably your most recent vaping order coming from the postman. Not that you’ve been waiting by the door all morning or anything…