Zinwi to Showcase Good Flavor at UK Vaper Expo in Birmingham

Press Release
Zinwi will be hosting on-the-spot flavouring event and will be bringing 12 customised flavours for the British market at UK Vaper Expo in Birmingham from May 12th to May 14th.

At UK Vaper Expo, attendees will have the opportunity to witness firsthand Zinwi’s Good flavour through customised flavour products and on-the-spot flavouring experiences.

Zinwi’s products are known to be equivalent to three keywords in the industry: high return to flavour, high smoothness and high stability.

High Return to flavour
The primary reason behind the “high return to flavour” characteristic is the stringent fragrance selection process. “High return to flavour” requires each component of the e-liquid to have high quality and high purity level.

Among all of the components, one of the most important components is fragrance. The fragrance selection process starts by Quality Department to analyse fragrances’ physical and chemical indicators and the legality of the components.

It is then followed by sensory evaluation team to evaluate the richness and purity level of the fragrances. The samples and the finished products will then be evaluated by Quality Department to ensure the quality after the fragrances have been added to the products in the testing and manufacturing stage.

The second reason behind is that Zinwi Atomisation Technology Research Center has self-developed nicotine salt and the sweeteners to ensure high-quality. Nicotine salt has been delicately developed taking into close considerations of the stirring time, the temperature, the amount of nicotine added in combination with other components such as benzoic acid.

The diverse range of sweeteners are also developed to match different vaping devices, for example, different puff-range disposable devices and ceramic core vaping devices. Sweeteners can easily affect the flavour either to be “too sweet” or “not enough sweet”.

Having a diverse range of sweeteners can avoid the “too sweet” or “not enough sweet” challenge and help the finished products to maintain “high return to flavour” characteristic.

The third reason is the flavouring team’s rich flavouring experiences. Apart from flavourists’ own flavouring experiences, Zinwi flavouring team has accumulated rich flavouring experiences at Zinwi. Zinwi’s flavouring team has accumulated in total 50,0000 formulas and on average that number goes up by around 200 every day.

The primary reason behind the “smoothness” characteristic is due to nicotine salt raw material selection process. Zinwi’s Atomisation Technology Research Center screens for nicotine salt raw materials that are mild to control the smoothness level from the start.

Equally important, rich flavouring experiences and the nicotine salt technologies contribute greatly to the smoothness of the products.

To maintain the stability of the e-liquid in the device is a constant challenge for device manufacturers and e-liquid manufacturers.

To address this issue, Zinwi conducts multifaceted testing and evaluation of every e-liquid and device incompatibility case and summarise into experiences, ensuring the smooth match process and stability for e-liquid and device.

Zinwi’s good flavour products are not attributed by one single factor. It is the combined factors including the raw materials selection, the quality control procedures and the device compatibility research that guarantee the good flavour. Zinwi will be at UK Vaper Expo to meet you face-to-face from 12th to 14th of May.

About Zinwi: Driven by Innovation, Exploring the Future
Established in 2016 and headquartered in the Guangming District of Shenzhen, China, Zinwi Biotech is a high-tech company that specialises in providing integrated e-liquid solutions including R&D, production and sales services to global e-cigarette manufacturers and brands.

Due to its strong R&D capabilities, stringent quality control procedures and premium client network, Zinwi has become the world’s leading integrated e-liquid solutions provider.