WVA: UK Save Flavours, Save Disposables

The WVA (World Vapers’ Alliance) have launched a new campaign titled “UK Save Flavours, Save Disposables“.

This has been prompted by the recent UK Government moves on reviewing vaping policies.

The WVA say they…

“…could jeopardise the nation’s significant progress in harm reduction. Despite witnessing the lowest smoking rates ever, there’s a concerning push from politicians to limit vaping and other safer alternatives.”

The campaign page documents the current threats to vaping which could be on the horizon in the UK.

I have copied some of the main points from the WVA page…

Vaping Flavours
Your favourite flavours are under threat! The government is contemplating stringent restrictions on vape flavours.

“For many adult smokers, the diverse range of flavours has been a key factor in making the switch from harmful traditional cigarettes to vaping.”

“a flavour ban may lead to an underground market for flavoured e-liquids, which poses even more significant risks.”

Disposable Vapes
Say goodbye to convenience? A potential ban on disposable vapes is on the horizon.

“These products offer a level of convenience that has made them particularly popular among adults looking for a hassle-free way to transition from smoking. By removing this option, we are limiting the tools available to those wanting to quit smoking.”

“Instead of imposing new restrictions, the focus should be on enforcing existing rules more effectively”

Generational Smoking Ban
A new proposal aims to prevent any child turning 14 this year or thereafter from ever legally purchasing cigarettes and Heat-Not-Burn (Heated Tobacco) products, which is a significantly less harmful alternative to smoking.

“While the intention behind preventing a new generation from smoking is commendable, lumping less harmful products like Heat-Not-Burn together with traditional cigarettes is not the answer. These alternative products have been shown to significantly reduce the harm compared to conventional smoking.”

Get Involved
The WVA are urging all readers to get involved and voice their opinion in the public consultation to stand up for the rights of those who use safer nicotine products.