WVA Tobacco Harm Reduction & Vaping Fact Sheet

The WVA (World Vapers’ Alliance) has created a fact sheet on Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) and Vaping.

You can view this on the WVA website or download the PDF Version.

The aim of the fact sheet is to educate and dispel negative myths that are published about vaping.

Fact Sheet Contents
The fact sheet covers all topics of Vaping and THR and supplies links to evidence to back up what they are saying.

Harm reduction is explained and how vaping falls into the category of providing lower risk options for smokers. Plus this is written from a worldwide perspective so there may be sections which are not as relevant for the UK.

The main topics are broken down into sections and include relevant studies…

·Health effects of vaping
·Vaping and smoking cessation
·Adolescents and vaping
·Vaping flavours
·Vaping taxation
·Effects of nicotine
·Nicotine pouches and Snus

As a UK reader thankfully we are well regulated in the UK but that still doesn’t stop the mainstream media spewing out absolute bullshit and scaremongering.

But this fact sheet gives you plenty of ammunition to fight against misinformation and also evaluate yourself whether a claim is true or false.

At the end of the document are recommendations for promoting THR and an indication of the relative risk of different nicotine products.