WVA Praises The UK Stance On Vaping!

The WVA (World Vapers Alliance) have been investigating successful tobacco harm reduction policies worldwide to prove it is possible to create effective regulation.

In their article “Successful Harm Reduction is not a fantasy” several countries are praised for their stance on THR (Tobacco Harm Reduction).

You can also read the full report in PDF format “Learning from the best: A Tobacco Harm Reduction Primer“.

The main countries singled out for praise are the UK, Sweden, Japan and New Zealand for various different sectors of THR.

The UK is praised as…

“…the most progressive country when it comes to vaping. The government and public health fully endorse vaping as a harm reduction tool, and smokers are encouraged to switch to this less harmful alternative. In the UK, smoking rates have fallen by more than 29% in the last decade (when vaping became popular). Compared to the EU, smoking rates in the UK have fallen twice as fast. Currently, only 12% of Brits are smokers, contrasting with 23% of Italians, 24% of Germans and 28% of French.”

Wonderful news, we are regulated, but I feel that compared to the ignorance and negativity towards vaping elsewhere in the world we are doing pretty well.

Sweden is close to becoming the first country to reach a “Smoke Free” goal with their current smoking rates of 5.6%! Snus, Vaping and Nicotine pouches are easily available and have surpassed combustible smoking.

Japan is praised for the popularity of HNB (Heat Not Burn) products, which still use tobacco but do not fully combust them. Instead the tobacco is heated to a lower temperature which still releases the nicotine. Between 2016 and 2021 cigarette sales in Japan plummeted by a staggering 43% due to HNB products!

New Zealand gets commended for their communication and their tough stance on tobacco. Plus their Ministry of Health recommend vaping and produce accurate communication such as their website “Vaping Facts“.

For those countries which are not included in the document, the WVA provide 5 recommended steps to catch up!

Some countries are doing far better than others in terms of smoking cessation. It is time to learn from them, writes @LandlMichael https://t.co/kGZUhHkQ65

— World Vapers’ Alliance (@vapers_alliance) March 1, 2023