Will Smoking Indoors Affect the Value of Your House?

According to a survey of real estate agents and brokers sponsored by Pfizer Canada in 2013, 81% of buyers are less likely to buy a house that was smoked in. Tobacco smoke may affect the value of a house by up to 29%. If the average house costs 369000 dollars, then 107010 dollars will be a reduction for the consequence of smoking. What a great deal of money it is!

What are the detailed factors that cause the devaluation situation? Go ahead to read this blog, we are going to show you the reasons why smoking at home impacts its value and how to cope with this issue via three suggestions.

How does indoor smoking damage your home’s value?

Irritant smells

48% of house viewers will see the smell of smoking as a deal-breaker. Prolonged smoking will lead to a long-lasting odor lingering in the house. Even without disclosure, real estate agents and buyers could easily aware of this smoking sign.

Some people just can’t tolerate the stink, some people will be more sensitive due to their respiratory diseases.

Dirty areas

There is no without that the house will get dirty areas after smoking indoors. The most obvious one is the yellow stains on the walls, which directly increase the age of the house and discomfort viewers. Almost all people prefer to live in a clean home, as it is a happy land in our daily life. 

Third-hand smoke 

After the exhalation from smokers, part of the chemicals from the smoke will go into the air, including nicotine and toxic chemicals will be set on the surface of household items like clothes, walls, desks, carpets, etc.

Especially the pets and babies should be put on great concerns since they extreme possibly lick on house stuff that has been contaminated by third-hand smoke.

Three suggestions to cope with house devaluation
No matter whether you intend to resale your house, for your interests, you better consider the smoking effect on the value of the house. There are three suggestions for handling this issue.

Stop smoking

Center on the root of the problem, stopping indoor smoking is the first step that should be taken to maintain your house. If you are thirsty for smoking, go outside for a distance and properly clean your coat to avoid third-hand smoke.

This seemed to be troublesome and not perfect for cutting the build-up of passive smoking. Thus, making a quitting plan is the most beneficial measure both for your health and your home.

If the negative effects have been generated by tobacco smoke, the following step is to do the cleaning and repairing work. How hefty and how much it depends on how long you smoked. The most indispensable operations are listed below:

1.Wash the walls and ceilings

Simply grabbing a rag and preparing a basin of water is not efficient to wipe off the stains on the wall, as the nicotine already bleeds into the coats of paint. You need to use cleansers like trisodium phosphate or sugar soap.

If you don’t have these two things, you can handmade a cleanser mixing up with warm water, vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and a few drops of ammonia.
Once finish cleanness, it is advisable to adopt a primer to prevent the walls and ceiling from further bleeding.

2. Clean or change the carpets

There is not only visible damage on the carpets but also repulsive odors on them. To renew the carpets, you can ask a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner for professional cleaning or hire a pressure washer to do it outside in person. If the expense of cleaning is higher than the cost of the carpet, you can directly buy a new one with ease.

3. Wash or replace curtains

Luckily, many curtains can be machine washed except for some need special attention. For the special curtains, you can abide by the care labels on your curtain. By the way, blinds also store dust and smoky smells, you should wipe down each slat via a hybrid of warm water and vinegar.

4. Clean the HVAC(Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)

The HVAC also is a gathering spot for solid chemicals from the smoke. Replacing all filters on heating and cooling systems and cleaning the evaporator coil in the HVAC unit. If you find the HVAC should be completely replaced, just do as your view.

5. Do a general cleaning
Smoke dust will seat every corner of your home, so you can do complete cleaning work after repairing. As to the smell, don’t try to cover it up, it is supposed to be refreshed by experienced cleaners


After all the remediation is finished, you can calculate the sum cost of removing the bad effects of smoking. We can estimate that it would not be a small amount of money.

If you are a smoker and wish to maintain the value of your house, you’d better take these payoffs into your consideration and rethink whether you insist on smoking.

If you are a landlord, you can establish a clause in the tenancy agreement and reiterate the no-smoking policy, making your tenants have a clear mind about this.

Does vaping damage your house?

Different from smoking, the vapour exhaled by vapers do not contain thousands of toxic chemicals and solid elements. The vapour will quickly disappear in the air and no irritating smells.

93% of nicotine has been absorbed by vapours, the amount of nicotine substance can be omitted by contrast to smoking. but think of the safety of babies and pets, you are still suggested to vape outside.

However, the vaping effect on the house’s value is far less than that of smoking.

Wrapping up
Tobacco smoking does pose damage to your house. If you are going to resale your house, apart from other variables relating to the home that normally affect value, smells and third-hand smoke are deadly factors for a lot of buyers.

Therefore, be attentive to smoke in the house. Or quit smoking with a vaping helper is the best solution for you and your house’s value.